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A MakeThemAccountable Editorial

The Liberal Media Slimes President Bush

The New York Times and CBS News have released a poll that has the left wing crowing. Several anti-Bush websites are exulting over the fact that the President’s approval rating has fallen to 53 percent, and they gleefully point to other findings  in the poll that tend to reflect negatively on Mr. Bush.

While we at MakeThemAccountable have a definite political bias, our honor and integrity require us to subordinate that philosophy to the truth. Propaganda is defined as the systematic promotion of information reflecting the views of those advocating a cause. Unfortunately, the unholy Times/CBS alliance and its amen corner in the liberal media are using propaganda to mislead the public.

Here is one blatant example from the poll:

“Eighteen percent of African Americans said Mr. Bush cares a lot about the needs and problems of black people, down from 30 percent three months ago.”

This is a classic, textbook example of propaganda. While it might be true that less than one in five black Americans believe that the President cares a lot about them, this is a carefully selected liberal polling question which is designed to cast Mr. Bush in a negative light. The statement just as easily could have read:

“Mr. Bush receives an overwhelming 94 percent approval rating from those Americans who say that they “don’t give a damn” about the needs and problems of black people, up from 93 percent three months ago.”

Obviously, it all comes down to which question is asked. Here is another example:

“Mr. Bush’s stewardship of the environment is approved by only 39 percent of the public.”

That’s what they reported. Here’s what their liberal prejudice prevented them from telling you:

“The president’s environmental policies received 95 percent support among Americans who approve of having more arsenic in the drinking water.”

It goes on endlessly. The shameless manipulation of the facts is bad enough, but it is grossly unethical for the media to exclude questions that show enthusiastic public support for President Bush.

Here are some results that will be embargoed by ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, U.S.A. Today, and other subversive propaganda machines because the truth doesn’t fit into their predetermined, leftist, hate-filled anti-Bush vendettas-

President Bush garners the approval of 96 percent of Americans who blame Chelsea Clinton for Waco and Ruby Ridge.

The Bush Strategic Defense Initiative is supported by 97 percent of Americans who believe that the moon landing was staged in the Nevada desert.

That support rises to 98 percent when respondents are informed that the president has demanded the inclusion of the super secret “anti-Klingon” feature.

At  MakeThemAccountable, we will continue to honorably follow the truth wherever it leads us. We will never allow our political preferences to pervert our devotion to objectively reporting the facts. This is true even though it compels us to grudgingly admit that President Bush receives the support of an impressive 99 percent of Americans who believe that Elvis is still alive, and he gets a perfect one hundred percent approval rating from those who say that they have recently had dinner with the King.

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