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By David Podvin

On Thursday, Howard Dean was excoriated at a meeting with Senate Democrats for saying Republicans are "not very friendly to different kinds of people. They are a pretty monolithic party…. It's pretty much a white Christian party." The objective part of Dean’s statement was factual. Eighty-two percent of Republicans identify themselves as white Christians, which by any reasonable definition makes the GOP a pretty monolithic party. Insofar as whether Republicans are “not friendly to different kinds of people”, that is admittedly a subjective judgment which depends on whether one considers it friendly to intimidate African Americans from voting and prevent gays from getting married.

The current conflict is a reprise of the 2004 Democratic primary campaign during which the corporate-controlled media pressured Dean to end his candidacy as punishment for telling the truth. Now, the corporate-controlled Democratic establishment is pressuring Dean to end his chairmanship as punishment for telling the truth. If the past is prologue, Dean will soon be sidelined and those who liked the 2004 John Kerry campaign will love the 2006 Democratic congressional campaign.

The Democratic establishment believes it can attain majority status by making a polite, logical case that Republicans have governed poorly. Opinion surveys indicate the American people are highly dissatisfied with George W. Bush and the Republican Congress so Democratic leaders are counting on the binary nature of the political system to provide success. Congressional Democrats insist that if they just present themselves as a benign alternative voters will repudiate the unpopular Republicans and the Democratic Party will gain power.

The flaw in the reasoning is that being unpopular is not insurmountable when competing in a binary political system. All that is required for victory is to be less unpopular than the opposition. Conservatives are not going to relinquish power gracefully just because they govern abysmally. If history serves as a guide, when the Democrats meekly point out that Republican policies are failures the right wing will respond by noting that liberals hate God and despise America and love fags. This inflection point in the campaign is where Dean would have aggressively counterattacked, but he apparently will be muzzled as the Democratic elite again depends on the public to reject gutter politics.

How many times must this horror movie be seen before we can correctly anticipate the outcome?

The greatest enemy of American liberalism is the Democratic Party establishment. Despite vast advantages in fund raising and media coverage, the Republicans have been routed in the past. They can be routed again. Conservatives are paranoid and upon being confronted paranoid people come unglued. Yet whenever someone attempts to confront them, it is the maniacs in the modern Democratic Party who rush to the rescue of their sworn enemies.

The Democrats irrationally repudiate the highly successful Republican approach of playing hardball. Early in 2004, the GOP brazenly announced that its game plan consisted of ridicule. Not respectful disagreement. Not a competition of ideas. Ridicule. Conservatives ridiculed Kerry’s appearance, his manner of speech, his ethnic background, his principles, his wife and his supporters. They even ridiculed his Purple Hearts. Karl Rove’s plan was to win the election the way elections in elementary school are won, including having his candidate’s buddies count the votes. Meanwhile, Kerry demanded that his staff remain respectful of Bush, who just might be the most inviting target for ridicule that God in Her infinite wisdom has ever created. The result? You know the result.

The Republicans treat the Democrats with undisguised contempt, and the Democrats just take it. Worse, the Democrats explode in rage at anyone who notices. This pathology has been compared to Battered Spouse Syndrome, but battered spouses exhibit infinitely more self-respect than Democratic pols.

The following might seem like a trivial point, but it speaks volumes. Republicans disdainfully mispronounce the name of the Democratic Party as the “Democrat” Party. The Democrats react by pleading for bipartisanship. They don’t object because that would be inconsistent with cultivating comity. They don’t reciprocate because that would be immature and lower the level of public discourse. They don’t even acknowledge the slight. They just endure it, passively and willingly, as they endure stolen elections and illegal wars. These are the compulsively victimized people who spent their high school years saluting their underwear as bullies ran it up the flagpole. They are now my representatives, as they are yours.

There is no mystery involving why Americans believe the Democratic Party is too weak to govern. Voters see Democrats insanely and masochistically absorbing abuse. The electorate then concludes that insane masochists might not provide the best leadership. Instead, the public opts for insane sadists.

The time has arrived to stop the insanity, the epicenter of which is the Senate Democratic Caucus. It is the skid row of American mental health. Dean is being flogged for speaking honestly, and the Inquisition is being led by Senate Democrats whose contact with reality is tangential at best.

Ben Nelson is an ostensibly Democratic senator from Nebraska who votes to confirm all of Bush’s radical judges and supports the conservative economic plan to redistribute wealth upwards. Nelson harshly criticized Dean for saying that Republicans are the bad guys. The senator represents a state that has not voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since 1964, yet he wants the party to be run using the “Omaha model” in which Democrats talk like Republicans and vote like Republicans. Otherwise, Nelson warns, he might not be re-elected, and the loss of centrists like him would rupture the Democratic cause. Ergo, Dean is a menace who should know his role and shut his mouth.

Nelson is wracked by delusions of grandeur. His rating with the American Conservative Union reveals him to be more reactionary than Zell Miller, but he sees himself as integral to the future of the Democratic movement. There is no conceivable way the Democrats can become a majority party by targeting Nebraska. Still, Nelson ludicrously attacks Dean as a bad Democrat for “saying things people in Lincoln don’t appreciate.”

Californian Dianne Feinstein publicly slammed Dean, claiming he is divisive. Feinstein did not publicly slam the Republicans for being divisive when they illicitly impeached a Democratic president, nor when they smeared the subsequent Democratic nominee as a serial liar, nor when they stole the presidency, nor when they looted the Treasury, nor when they deceived America into war, nor when they stole the presidency again. She did, however, caution the Congressional Black Caucus that challenging the stolen elections was divisive. In fact, when the Supreme Court cheated Al Gore out of his presidency, Feinstein announced that the decision provided a golden opportunity to further the cause of bipartisanship.

Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd blasted Dean for being excessively candid. So did Chuck Schumer and Russ Feingold and Joe Biden and Barack Obama, along with most of their Democratic colleagues. It was the vicious gangbang liberals have longed to see, except the target was not Republicans. The target was the guy who condemns Republicans. Meanwhile, if the Senate Democrats are attacking Bush, they sure are being discreet about it.

American politics has become a Soviet-style farce in which anyone who talks frankly gets pummeled by those don’t, so Howard Dean is now getting pounded by Democratic senators. Dean yearns to beat Republicans by telling the truth, a goal that is seemingly compatible with being chairman of the Democratic Party. However, the disordered Senate Democrats give no indication of yearning to beat the Republicans, and they disdain telling the truth. These irreconcilable differences will inevitably result in someone being marginalized. Since rank and file Democrats are not forcefully demanding their wacky senators back off, that someone is likely to be Dean.

It is revealing that the chairman’s most venomous critics are not the malicious demagogues of the GOP or the professional deceivers in the mainstream media, but the babbling lunatics in his own ranks. Democratic politicians demand adherence to the fantasy that being deferential towards Republicans is the winning formula, disregarding the fact that the approach has been tried repeatedly and has always failed. As Benjamin Franklin noted, continuing to do the same thing while expecting different results is the very essence of insanity.

Richard Pryor has said that sanity is boring, so if you really want to enjoy yourself observe crazy people in action. It is doubtful Pryor ever dreamed that craziness could attain the heights we are now witnessing, but the viewing experience would be even more entertaining if establishment Democrats were not destroying the only political party that can protect America from conservatives.

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