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By David Podvin

Cocytus is the ninth level of Hell, the home of the fallen angel Satan. The ninth level is that frigid dungeon reserved for traitors who have been consigned to agonize eternally while frozen motionless. This is the pit where Judas is confined, and Cassius, and Brutus. It is also where the current leaders of the Democratic Party will one day reside.

Following their most recent electoral disaster, establishment Democrats concluded that the party lost because it was overly faithful to the principles of the Democratic rank and file. In order to rectify this error, former Congressman Tim Roemer has been recruited to oppose Howard Dean for the Democratic National Committee chairmanship, and to do so by advocating that the party “moderate” its stance on reproductive rights. Specifically, Roemer stresses attracting socially conservative voters by having the Democrats support the criminalization of late term abortions.

Contrary to popular myth, women who undergo third trimester abortions are not homicidal sluts maniacally intent on hunting their own fetuses. The procedures are performed when unforeseen complications occur that endanger a woman’s safety. Invariably, the woman had been planning to carry her pregnancy to term and is emotionally devastated that things have gone horribly wrong.

The most pious among us – those who radiate the love and compassion of the Lord – are insistent that the tragic scenario must be made infinitely worse by legally coercing women to maintain pregnancies that imperil their health, or even their lives. This abomination is to be performed at the altar of God’s most sacred creation, the embryo.

That religious zealots do not really care about embryos is evidenced by their steadfast opposition to funding pre-natal care programs. Their true objective is to control the sexuality of women, a feat that the primitives plan to achieve by outlawing abortion and contraception. Social conservatives have never accepted females as equals, and they are determined to codify misogyny into law. It is these miscreants whom Roemer intends to appease by compromising the Democratic Party’s longstanding female rights agenda.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (who is ostensibly pro-choice) and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (who is ostensibly pro-Democrat) are encouraging Roemer to pursue his vulgar undertaking. Despite Pelosi’s reputation, she is not a liberal in any meaningful sense of the term, and Reid is not a liberal in any sense of the term. The Democratic Congressional leaders are loath to confront the Republicans who are ruining this country, but eager to sell out women for political advantage.

The betrayal of females will never achieve the intended effect. The bible-thumping gynophobes of America already have their own political party, and they will not rush en masse to leave the GOP just because the Democrats acquiesce on women’s rights. In fact, every time Democrats desert their partisans, the opposite occurs – rather than experiencing an influx of membership, the Democratic Party atrophies further. This is poetic justice, because while the Republicans never deserve to win, people who backstab their allies always deserve to lose.

Despite conclusive evidence to the contrary, Democratic insiders remain convinced that victimizing the party’s own stalwarts will attract hordes of bigots into the ranks. Toward that end, the establishment is also talking about “soft-peddling” support of gay rights so as to be more appealing to “values-oriented voters”, a.k.a. “homophobic holy rollers”. The insiders say they do not intend to forsake the cause of gay equality – they merely want homosexuals to be patient until the electorate becomes more enlightened.

This mode of treachery is painfully familiar to the black community. African Americans have been waiting for decades, patiently or otherwise, hoping Democrats will decide that the optimal time to champion their cause has finally arrived. That day has yet to come, and there is no indication it ever will. Blacks have long comprised the most reliable constituency of the Democratic Party, and Democrats have long repaid that fidelity with undisguised contempt.

Somewhere along the way, Democratic strategists decided that the path to electoral bliss lay in treating Democratic voters like shit. The more this strategy fails, the more enamored of it the party leaders have become. As long as leading Democrats continue to embrace the delusion that the party is suffering from being excessively good to its supporters, they do not have to confront the real reason for Republican dominance of American politics.

The major problem for the Democratic Party is the public perception that its leaders are weak; regardless of their positions on the issues, Americans do not want to be led by weaklings. Therefore, the politically shrewd approach for Democrats is to take the offensive, especially on social issues. Conservatives are extremely vulnerable to attacks on their demagoguery, and never more so than when they insist that women lack the inalienable right to life.

By confronting rather than emulating Republicans on their morally indefensible positions, Democrats can display a winning combination of strength and honor. Instead, clueless Democratic leaders are now preparing to vacate the moral high ground in a futile attempt to seduce reactionaries. This pseudo-sophisticated approach is being touted as an act of inclusiveness that proves the Democratic Party is a big tent.

Yet that tent does not welcome racists or anti-Semites, and it must also never accommodate people who view the life of a woman as being so insignificant that she should be forbidden to protect it.  It is one thing for the GOP to argue that pregnant women must perish rather than terminate an unsafe pregnancy; it is another matter entirely for the Democratic Party to embrace this position. Republicans are the bad guys – that’s what they are supposed to be, and they play the role of the villain flawlessly. Democrats are supposed to be the good guys, or at least the non-evil guys, but in recent times they have managed only to be the gutless guys.

Democratic voters have been incredibly tolerant through the years as we have witnessed our representatives grovel, cower, and capitulate. There have been uncontested stolen elections, surrenders on matters of principle, and the legislative equivalent of performing fellatio on one malicious Republican president after another. Through it all, Democrats across America have provided the party with unrequited loyalty.

The philosophical question at hand is how far astray can a political organization deviate before its long suffering adherents are compelled to disboard the pain train. For me, the point of departure arrives the moment my party decides that it is expedient to endorse the murder of women.

Not that I will vote Republican. I never have and never will. The GOP is run by robber barons and theocrats who yearn to destroy the best of our nation. I fully appreciate that, even if the Democrats buckle on the abortion issue, they will remain the lesser of two evils. However, when being a Democrat means sacrificing female lives as a lure for religious voters, the moral price of belonging to the party will have become prohibitive.

Establishment Democrats are confident that the infinitely indulgent rank and file will be accomplices in the betrayal of American women. They expect obedient liberals to vote for Democratic candidates even after the party “moderates” its abortion stance. Speaking only for myself, I have prepared a response.

Go to Hell.

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