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By David Podvin

Martin Luther King dreamt of America as a land where people value each other based on their individual merits without regard to superficial differences. Thomas Jefferson visualized America as a land of ever-expanding freedom, where each generation would pass on more liberty to its descendants. Benjamin Franklin foresaw America as a land guaranteed to elicit the most creativity and genius that human beings have to offer because unlimited opportunity produces unlimited greatness.

When it strives to achieve the aspirations of noble people, our country is a place of incomparable hope and beauty.

The America of George W. Bush is not such a place. It is a place gripped by fear, a cowardly nation where personal security is considered to be more important than preserving the precious freedoms that were purchased with the lives of selfless patriots. It is a place of intrigue where the majority of people are manipulated into supporting policies that are designed to defraud them. It is a place where the ends justify the means, and corruption is the governing philosophy. It is a place where “restoring honor and dignity to the Oval Office” consists of lying and cheating and breaking the law.

The America of George W. Bush is a place where conformity is prized over individuality, and reason is synonymous with hatred, and dissent is indistinguishable from treason. It is a place where science is subservient to superstition, and truth is viewed as being subversive, and democracy means not counting votes.

The America of George W. Bush is a place where might makes right. It achieves foreign policy objectives the old fashioned way – by slaughtering defenseless people. Loyal allies who fail to appreciate the wisdom of this approach are excoriated for their treachery, while domestic dissidents are shouted down and marginalized. In Bush’s America, fighting terrorism abroad is used as a pretext for vanquishing civil liberties at home.

The America of George W. Bush is a place where military personnel are exalted as national treasures at photo opportunities, then shipped off to die to enhance the profits of the Fortune 500. Those soldiers who are not killed come home to a future of reduced medical care, because lavishing largesse on military contractors is more important than caring for has-been warriors who no longer serve a useful political purpose. Like the elderly champions who once labored to build the economy - and who courageously defended the nation against attack - our returning young heroes are now ruthlessly abandoned to fend for themselves…to sink or swim.

The America of George W. Bush is a place where it is believed that common people have too much power and government has too little, that average people have too many rights and corporations have too few, that working people have too much money and the rich don’t have enough. It is a place where wealth is equated with virtue, a place that is bereft of compassion for all but the most privileged.

The America of George W. Bush is a place where caring about children is a rhetorical ploy calculated for political gain, where “leaving no child behind” is merely an expedient lie. It is a place where the future of the next generation has been mortgaged by creating vast budget deficits for the purpose of providing trillions of dollars of kickbacks to corporate campaign contributors. It is a place where the nation’s most vulnerable victims of violent crime lose their lives because child abuse clinics have been closed so that more money can be given to people who already have so much money they can never possibly spend it all.

The America of George W. Bush is a place where the most cherished form of human life is the fetus. Even the Aztecs were not barbaric enough to throw pregnant women into volcanoes, but the theocratic primitives now running the government have decreed that the health of females who experience severe late term complications must be sacrificed in homage to the unborn. Cruel and unusual punishment cannot be inflicted on rapists or child molesters, but it will be applied to women who fail to properly fulfill their function as brood mares. This outrage is to be committed in the name of religion – it is misogyny made holy – and such depravity is symptomatic of a nation that is being led morally astray.

The America of George W. Bush is a place where the doctored image of Jesus Christ is the symbol of an agenda that repudiates His every principle. Christ repeatedly condemned the hoarding of great wealth while never once mentioning homosexuality, yet He is now falsely presented as both a supply side advocate and a homophobe. In a blasphemous twisting of His word, gay people who express love are condemned as immoral, while the hateful people who torment them are exalted as righteous. Jesus implored His followers to generously help the poor, but instead the poor are vilified as failures who are unworthy of any succor. The name of Christ is now invoked to justify the destruction and looting of countries that pose no threat: The Prince Of Peace has been perversely transformed into the God Of War by a greedy Texas politician who worships not at the altar of the Almighty, but at the altar of the Almighty Dollar.

The America of George W. Bush is a place where nature exists to be destroyed and endangered species become extinct species. The air and the water that were once public domain now serve as cesspools for those robber barons who are willing to buy the appropriate changes in regulations. As the Arctic shelf continues to melt and the arable topsoil continues to erode and the lung capacity of the nation’s youth continues to shrink, the Bush campaign coffers continue to grow.

The America of George W. Bush is a betrayal of everything worthwhile this nation has ever represented. It is a capitulation to the basest instincts of society. It is not what the Founders created, nor is it what the American people should ever be willing to accept.

Conservatives have questioned whether a citizen who loves this country would oppose the policies advocated by Bush. The answer is that every citizen who loves this country opposes Bush and is appalled by the devastation he has wrought upon our democracy. For those who share the ideals of King and Jefferson and Franklin, there can be no greater act of patriotism than to defeat the malicious demagogue who is destroying the best of America.

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