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By David Podvin

Democratic Senators Max Baucus of Montana, Jean Carnahan of Missouri, and Tim Johnson of South Dakota are feeling the outrage that comes with having been betrayed. They voted for the Bush tax cut heist for the rich. They have frequently sided with the reactionary Republican agenda. They have turned their backs on the people who elected them in order to support the most right wing president since Jefferson Davis. They believed that George W. Bush would be grateful for their collaboration.

Vladimir Lenin considered people who helped him by selling out their own side to be “useful idiots”. He would use them and then, knowing that they were untrustworthy, he would have them killed. Showing similar appreciation for his three useful idiots, Bush is appearing in TV ads urging the voters to throw them out of office in November.

As the great philosopher Tony Bennett once said, “When you lie down with pigs, you get up smelling like garbage.”

Bill Clinton spent eight years battling the Republicans in order to restore fiscal sanity to this country, and to have the federal government function on behalf of the average citizen. Last year, Baucus, Carnahan, Johnson, and nine other faux Democrats destroyed our last elected president’s good work by joining with Bush to squander the multi-trillion dollar dividend of the Clinton years.

The Democratic senators who voted for the Bush raid on the treasury committed one of the most contemptible acts in the history of the United States. With one vote, they simultaneously eliminated the budget surplus by giving it to the wealthy, plunged the nation back into deficit spending, and defunded the entire Democratic agenda on which they had been elected.

In the foreseeable future, there will not be money available to spend for comprehensive improvements in public education, expanded health care, adequate environmental protection, better law enforcement, or the other components of the Democratic platform that are designed to improve the lives of common people. Instead, there will be a much greater concentration of wealth in the hands of the corporate elite who support Republicans.

By making the surplus disappear, the Quisling Democrats provided Bush with the political cover he needed to torment the helpless. In the budget that the deceivers were complicit in creating, much of the funding for child abuse prevention was reallocated to help finance a huge tax rebate for multinational corporations. This is the real world consequence of politics: Children will be murdered because George W. Bush and his bipartisan allies confiscated the money that was being spent to save the lives of at-risk kids, and siphoned it off to the lords of greed.

The budget also slashed funding for pediatric hospitals, doubtlessly based on the logical premise that kids who have been tortured to death don’t need medical care. If Baucus, Carnahan, and Johnson were outraged by these actions, they showed remarkable restraint.

Contrast this cruelty with what could have been done if America had leaders who viewed children as being something more than electoral sucker bait with which to lure the votes of soccer moms. Had the surplus actually been dedicated to “leaving no child behind”, there was enough money to provide world-class prenatal care, infant treatment, and pediatric medicine to every American child. There was enough money to repair the crumbling schools across the country, some of which have no functioning plumbing. There was enough money to provide classrooms with a sufficient number of books so that kids in the inner city would not be faced with the dilemma of how to do homework without having access to the text. There was even enough money to triple the funding of child abuse clinics and pediatric hospitals.

In fact, after all of that deplorable socialism, there would have still been over a trillion dollars left to hand out as welfare to the rich.

“Leaving no child behind” was never an option for George W. Bush. His wealthy patrons did not drag him into office so that they would have to share the bounty of America with youthful soylent green. Bush exists as a political entity for the sole purpose of providing kickbacks to the rapacious, amoral interests that installed him in the White House. In order to enact his barbaric agenda, he needed help from some morally vacuous Democrats who were willing to stab their supporters in the backs. He got it.

Many candidates have made false promises in order to achieve their real goals, but George W. Bush and his pseudo-Democratic enablers deserve special recognition for being exceptionally cynical and callous. They campaigned in political camouflage. Bush pretended to be compassionate. Baucus, Carnahan, and Johnson pretended to be Democrats. Together, they deliberately used and then abused the weakest of people in order to lavish wealth on the most powerful.

Now, after having used three morally weak people, Bush is trying to get rid of them. Max Baucus, Jean Carnahan, and Tim Johnson are angry that they have been betrayed. 

It is a feeling that the people who voted for them know all too well.

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