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By David Podvin

When California energy consumers looked for help in dealing with the rape of that state by George W. Bush’s biggest campaign contributor, Dick Cheney’s response proved again that his heart failed permanently long ago.

“The peasants have no fuel,” rang the cry from across the land.

“Let them drill for oil”, sneered the Majestic One, His pockets bulging with lucre from Halliburton stock options.

It is without a sense of shame that this advocate of free market forces and the rugged individualism of personal responsibility has now demanded that His own energy bill at the vice presidential mansion be charged to the Navy. This is to insure that there will be a larger budget for someone who is far more important than America’s national defense.


The argument that Our Royal Parasite has advanced is that He is using less energy, but is paying more for it!!! This is tragically unfair, and so the taxpayers of America must subsidize Him by paying His energy bills.

Irony, how sickly sweet! It is the request that His Highness rejected so contemptuously just two months ago when it came from the drones of the Left Coast.

“What you ask is Socialism!” He roared in righteous indignation, His majestic scalp gleaming like a glorious beacon of free enterprise. “Pay your bills and shut your mouths, you filthy leaches of peonage!”

This is the same imperious Welfare Queen who abused His position of “public service” at the Pentagon in lining up a sweetheart deal to run a major oil service company. He got the job without having any experience in His new field, based solely on His contacts in the military who gave Him a contract worth over a billion dollars of taxpayer money as a parting gift.

And He is the same imperious Welfare Queen who then lied about it, saying that He had made it on His own without any government help. No help whatsoever, except for a billion dollars worth of Affirmative Action for someone who opposes allowing the unwashed masses to get any Affirmative Action at all.

No one was a more uncompromising advocate of the tax cut for the rich than Welfare Queen Dick. Who could justify financing medical care for the “needy” when the money would be better spent on a generous tax cut for Him?

Of course, when someone Very Special needed extremely costly emergency work done on His heart, then it was an appropriate time for the taxpayers to foot the medical bill.

After all, what’s taxpayer money for?

More to the point: Who is it for?

Others might be embarrassed by constantly ridiculing the common people for wanting government services, then demanding even better government services for Oneself.

Less courageous beings might hesitate before making it so very clear that they have so very much contempt for the average citizen.

After all, this leadership approach has been tried before, and it was cut short.

By the guillotine.

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