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By David Podvin

Their party leader felt the need to pander to a racist, anti-Catholic university in order to ingratiate himself to the rank and file. That same leader has said publicly that Jews won’t go to Heaven. Through his appointments, he has insured that they don’t attend cabinet meetings, either. He supports the concept that the Ku Klux Klan should be legally protected to advocate hatred, but opposes hate crime legislation to prevent them from terrorizing minorities. Calling him a bigot is deemed to be unacceptable by the mainstream corporate media, as are most things that are true.

Their Senate leader called homosexuality a sin and compared it to alcoholism, kleptomania, and sex addiction. He does not consider it to be a sin for him to belong to The Council Of Conservative Citizens, the successor to the White Citizens Councils that supported Jim Crow. He also does not consider it to be a sin for him to have initially lied about his membership, presumably because his lie did not involve having oral sex with someone who is not going to Heaven. He continues to attend CCC meetings, even after reporters confronted him with the fact that the organization denies the existence of the Holocaust, praises slavery, and pledges to fight against “mongrel races”. The following appears on the CCC website:

   “Take 10 bottles of milk to represent all humans on earth. Nine of them will be chocolate and only one white. Now mix all those bottles together and you have gotten rid of that troublesome bottle of white milk. There too is the way to get rid of the world of whites. Convince them to mix their few genes with the genes of the many. Genocide via the bedroom chamber is as long lasting as genocide via war.”

The leader of the CCC says that the ideas of the group mesh with those of the Senate leader “ninety five percent of the time”.

The man who calls the shots for the party in the House is also a vocal defender of the CCC. He blames the Littleton, Colorado school massacre on “working mothers”. To him, there is only one “real religion”, and it does not involving praying towards Mecca or eating matzo. He condemned a bill that would increase funding for AIDS research as an “election year grab for votes”. He pushed legislation to overturn all existing non-discrimination policies for gay federal workers He opposed legislation to prohibit American firms from using slave labor in Asia.

These three men are not obscure bigoted fools – George W. Bush, Trent Lott, and Tom DeLay are the bigoted fools whom Republicans have chosen to be their leaders. They are the Americans whom Republicans believe best represent the ideals of the Republican Party, a belief that is repeatedly confirmed by the actions of the party faithful. Their statements accurately reflect the sentiments of their followers – there are countless examples of Republican loyalists joining in the party’s endless chorus of hatred.

This is not to say that the Republican Party has the same entrance requirements as the Klan. The G.O.P. is more than willing to welcome obedient blacks, self-hating Jews, celibate gays, anglicized Hispanics, and Stepford wives. The price of admission for those prideless masochists is to defend a party that is full of people who despise them.


This is true on every level at which the party operates.


In the executive branch, the current administration exists only because they were effective in preventing black votes from being counted in Florida. While there is the traditional and prerequisite Republican hostility towards all of the fringe people, this administration has a special hatred of the group that was most adamant in opposing Bush. Two current cabinet members have actually expressed admiration and nostalgia for the Confederacy. They said during their confirmation hearings, under oath, that the Confederacy represented “Southern pride”. They committed perjury.


 Alexander Stephens

 Vice President of the Confederate States Of America (March 21, 1861):

 “Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests upon the great truth, that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery -- subordination to the superior race -- is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth.”


And the beat goes on. Dick Cheney was one of only thirteen members of Congress to vote against funding for AIDS research. He consistently opposed civil rights legislation. Donald Rumsfeld was captured on the Watergate tapes commiserating with Richard Nixon about the “niggers”. When he was Secretary of State under Poppy Bush, consigliere James Baker screamed, “Fuck the Jews!”


Attention, Freud:

"I hope I stand for anti-bigotry, anti-Semitism, anti-racism. This is what drives me,” said President George H.W. Bush.


Well, one out of three ain’t bad. This heritage of traditional morality has done an excellent job of eliminating the cancer of multiculturalism in the executive branch. The few Afro Saxons, Latin types, and Hebrews who are in the Bush Administration appear to be to be making a good faith effort to seem as white they possibly can.


The Senate is home to more Republicans whose hearts are underflowing with love. There are countless examples of their “compassionate conservatism”; here are a just a few:


Jesse Helms - He called Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a “Negro hoodlum who was born a bum”. He faithfully supported apartheid to the bitter end. He has derided the national press as being “full of homosexuals”. He opposes any gay being allowed to serve in government. He says, “All Latins are volatile”. In the interest of stability, he opposes allowing any more “volatile” folks into the country. For all of this, and so much more, he has been called the “favorite senator of rank and file Republicans”.


Strom Thurmond – A longtime arch-segregationist and fierce opponent of anti-lynching laws, he continues to be a reliable vote when it’s time to oppose legislation to help African Americans. He is proof positive that you’re never too old to hate black people.


James Inhofe – He supported blocking the confirmation hearings for ambassadorial nominee James Hormel on the basis that Hormel’s “gay agenda” was bad for America. “I would feel the same way if it were David Duke or anybody whose agenda is more important than the country,” he said. Not likely. He has written for the John Birch Society, an organization that views the civil rights movement as a “communist front”.

 Don Nickles – He is a member of the National Council For Policy, which is a conservative group consisting of like-minded patriots. Among the patriots is R.J. Rushdooney, who is the “Father of Christian Reconstructionism”. Patriot Rushdooney wrote the following about black slavery: "The law here (in the Bible) is humane and also unsentimental. It recognizes that some people are by nature slaves and will always be so. It both requires that they be dealt with in a godly manner and also that the slave recognize his position and accept it with grace." Another member is Bob Jones. Yes, that Bob Jones. Virtually everyone in the Republican Congressional leadership is also a member in good standing, as are the leaders of the Religious Right. In 1995, this profoundly moral group gave an award to Dinesh D'Souza, the author of the book, The End of Racism: Principles of a Multiracial Society. D'Souza's book compassionately teaches that blacks should not be blamed for the fact that they are inferior.

Republicans in the House skillfully promote their party’s legacy of bigotry.

Here are some typical examples of their “family values”-


Dick Armey – He called Barney Frank “Barney Fag”. He has said that only some Christian denominations are “real religions”. He decried the overwhelming percentage of women in Congress (ten) by stating that the House had become too “femcentric”. His position as the third ranking Republican in the House has positioned him to be white society’s protector against “Afrocentrism”, which he proved again when he refused to allow additional funding for electoral reform that was designed to protect the voting rights of “Afrocentrists”.


Bob Barr – He is notable for taunting Tom DeLay for being “too soft”. Mr. Barr prides himself on having opposed every single effort to help racial minorities, gays, or women. His consecutive hate vote streak is a source of great envy among the younger Republican members in the House. They reluctantly concede that he is the Cy Young of bigotry and, if he stays healthy, will amass a voting record of such consistent viciousness that it will never be approached, much less equaled.


Helen Chenowith - "What Rep. Chenoweth's election proves is that a race-based campaign is a WINNER. Like David Duke in Louisiana, other far-sighted political leaders see a sea change in the mood of the White voter towards candidates who offer frank solutions to America's growing non-White chaos. We wish Helen Chenoweth good luck and hope that many others follow in her footsteps!" THE TRUTH AT LAST - a Ku Klux Klan newsletter


Ernest Istook – He is also a member of the National Council For Policy. He authored the “Religious Freedom Amendment”, under which the free exercise clause, establishment clause, and wall of separation constructed by our founding fathers would all be eliminated. The RFA has over one hundred Republican sponsors in the House.


I deeply apologize to Henry Hyde, Steve Largent, J.C. Watts, and the many other deserving Republican members of Congress whom I do not have time to acknowledge, including some who could reasonably argue that they are more deserving of recognition than the elite eight mentioned immediately above. I humbly acknowledge that the topic of Republican Congressional malice is a subject which is best left to the author of an encyclopedia.


The Republican judiciary goosesteps to the same tune as the other two branches (that tune would be Dixie). Chief Justice William Rehnquist got his start in Arizona politics as a thug whose job was to intimidate blacks and Hispanics away from polling places. His colleagues, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, take a less permissive stance in regard to minority voting.  Together, they have occasionally opposed human rights statutes, the occasions being every chance they get. Still, they are liberal compared to some of their federal lower court Republican brethren, who frequently try to interpret rulings to be even less limp wristed on racial and religious matters than the Supreme Court intended.


Bigotry has been the hallmark of all recent Republican presidents, except for the one who was not chosen by Republican voters, Gerald Ford.


Dwight Eisenhower was an enthusiastic supporter of Jim Crow. He was appalled by Brown v. Board Of Education, which struck down the doctrine of separate but equal. He deployed federal troops to enforce the Supreme Court decision, but he also publicly sympathized with those who wanted to “preserve their way of life”. Of course, their way of life was to demand that blacks either accept being treated as inferiors or be lynched. When America most needed strong moral leadership to unify the country during the court ordered desegregation, Eisenhower threw in with the Confederates.


Richard Nixon governed with a “Southern Strategy” of deliberating dividing black from white. He nominated a Klansman to the Supreme Court. His psychotically profane tirades about the “fucking Jews” are documented on the Watergate tapes. His obsessive hatred fell short of Hitler’s in terms of accomplishment, but he was rhetorically competitive. He compiled a list of enemies that read, for the most part, like a list of patrons at Solly’s Deli. He was willing to employ Jews, but they had to embrace the aforementioned masochism; he referred to Henry Kissinger, the Secretary of State of the United States of America, as my “little Jew boy”. He repeatedly told subordinates, including those in the I.R.S., to “get the Jews”.  He also found time to attack those to whom he referred as “niggers”, “dagos”,  “fags” and “wetbacks”. As with all of the Republicans mentioned, his policies reflected his heartfelt belief that the best law is the law of the jungle.


During his first term, Ronald Reagan was so consistently hostile to the interests of African Americans on everything from economic progress to voting rights that he was endorsed for reelection by the Ku Klux Klan. Never the ingrate, he then chose to begin his reelection campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi, which is a town whose only distinction is that it’s where the Klan murdered three civil rights workers. He identified “urban welfare mothers” as the primary cause of social decay, bringing into question whether the Klan was following him or vice versa. His federal judicial appointees have consistently ruled against civil rights laws. Reagan eulogized Nazi SS troops at the Bitburg cemetery as being “victims”. The job of Nazi SS troops was to murder Jews, or anyone who looked Jewish. Reagan was anti-gay on every public policy, and refused to support medical funding during the height of the AIDS epidemic. He was so homophobic that when his son Ron became a dancer, Reagan felt compelled to announce in public that he was confident that Ron was still a “real” man. Amazingly, during the Reagan Administration, white men got richer while minorities fell further behind.


George Bush the Elder ran an administration that was unrelentingly hostile to blacks, gays, and other fringe people. This is best exemplified by the fact that, in 1988, Bush had to be pressured to remove Nazis from his presidential campaign. Not American Nazi wannabes. Not Nazi sympathizers. Real, original, genuine, 99 and 44/100% pure Nazis. Rather than going into excruciating detail about George I and his philosophy of life, let this suffice – while Reagan approved of the Nazis at Bitburg, the Nazis here in America approved of Bush.


If the information about Reagan and Bush does not seem to be consistent with the portrayal of them by the mainstream media as beloved national treasures, then remember that hating “mud people” has never disqualified any American from being presented by the corporate press as a beloved national treasure.


It is not difficult to understand why the Nazis, the Klan, and other conservative organizations are attracted to the Republicans. It is a matter of loyalty – the Republican Party has earned their support with policies that haters can appreciate. The constant verbal abuse of  “lesser” Americans has been accompanied by substantive actions that have hurt minorities in general, and particularly blacks.  G.O.P. positions on taxation, economic policy, and social justice uniformly work to the detriment of Americans who are swarthy.


Deborah Henson filed a $21.5 million lawsuit against the Republican National Committee. The former party fundraiser claimed that G.O.P. headquarters was a bastion of hatred and degradation. She and two other former consultants alleged, "The RNC maintains a work place wherein sexual, racial, homophobic, appearance-based and anti-Semitic comments, jokes and horseplay are commonplace, tolerated and encouraged." They cited the use of the terms “bitches”, “Jew boy”, “butt boy”, and “gay boy”. Directors entertained the staff by mocking gays and blacks. Females were rewarded when they submitted to being "touched in a sexual manner.”


Appropriately, that’s Republican National HEADQUARTERS, proving once again that the Republicans have their headquarters where normal people have their hindquarters.


On the state level, it gets worse. There are fifty examples; here’s one:

The Iowa Republican Party Platform formally opposes "homosexual rights and lifestyles, alternative value systems, animal rights, secular humanism, political correctness, New Age concepts, and situational ethics." The platform was passed with the active participation of The Christian Coalition. Pat Robertson told the delegates to the Iowa Republican Convention, "The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, antifamily political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians."


When asked about the platform by reporters, the Chairman of the National Republican Party refused to disagree with any of it.


During the campaign in California for Republican Governor Pete Wilson’s Proposition 187, which denied all government benefits to illegal immigrants, the TV ads featured brown skinned people sneaking across the border. The narrator ominously intoned, “They just keep coming.” The imagery of an invading army of wrongly colored people was extremely effective. The initiative passed as hate crimes against Hispanics rose, providing Republicans with the Daily Double.


Republican sponsored anti-gay initiatives in Oregon and Colorado were accompanied by incendiary rhetoric that labeled homosexuals as being “dangerous”, “pedophiles”, “anti-Christian”, and “subhuman”. The violence that followed resulted in a gay church being bombed in Oregon and physical assaults against gays and lesbians rising dramatically.

The story of Patrick Buchanan serves to illustrate the decadence of the Republican Party. His speech was the one that was the most enthusiastically received by the delegates at the 1992 Republican Convention. It was a speech in which he declared, “There is a religious war going on in our country for the soul of America.”  Buchanan spoke disparagingly of the “enemies” on the other side of this new civil war. He identified them as “gay and lesbian couples”, “militant leaders of the homosexual movement”, “radical feminists”, and the Los Angeles riot “mob”. That last one was interpreted by some cynics to be a subtle shot at black people. The Republican faithful responded by chanting “hit’em again, hit’em again, harder, harder.”

They were cheering for a man who had called Hitler “an individual of great courage”. Buchanan had accused Holocaust survivors of having “group fantasies of martyrdom and heroics”. He had written that the “the central objection to the present flood of illegals is that they are not English- speaking white people from Western Europe, they are Spanish- speaking brown and black people from Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean." He had publicly fantasized about having fewer “Zulus” in America. He longed for the good old days that preceded Martin Luther King: "There were no politics to polarize us then, to magnify every slight. The 'negroes' of Washington had their public schools, restaurants, bars, movie houses, playgrounds and churches; and we had ours." He claimed that AIDS was “nature’s revenge against sodomites”.

David Duke said, "I think Pat Buchanan sounds more like me every day."

Mr. Buchanan ultimately left the Republican Party because he was made to feel so unwelcome…

…for opposing NAFTA.

The Christian Coalition is the main conduit of the Republican Party to its crucial Religious Right base of support. It’s founder, Pat Robertson, wrote in his book The New World Order that the international banking system is controlled by the Jews. His comments about blacks, gays, and women who do not accept traditional roles are exactly what you would expect from the guy who prays for God to redirect hurricanes towards areas that tend to vote Democratic. Fellow G.O.P. televangelist Jerry Falwell has repeatedly damned homosexuals, Jews, Muslims, and other malcontents. He is currently fighting a valiant one man holding action against the scourge of gay Teletubbies.

The town criers of Republicanism, nationally syndicated talk radio hosts, are in the vanguard of spreading the hateful gospel. Rush Limbaugh has repeatedly referred to civil rights leaders as “poverty pimps”. Dennis Prager has observed, “Blacks are allowing liberals to lead them by the nose back onto the plantation.” For those who find these references to pandering and bovine mentality to be overly subtle, there is the forthright G. Gordon Liddy; “There has been enough kissing Jap ass by the U.S. Government.” Michael Reagan claimed, “Public schools teach that students should have two homosexual encounters before having a heterosexual one". This corrosive propaganda spews forth all day and all night. The favored targets are people of color, gays, and evil single mothers. And, of course, anyone who isn’t patriotic enough to vote Republican.

None of this is an aberration. Bigotry is not an occasional problem within the Republican Party, as it is in the Democratic Party. Bigotry is the Republican Party, in word and in deed.

The knee jerk countercharge will be that Democrats are equally flawed. This moral equivalency will ring true when it is accompanied by equal proof. Thus far, there is no evidence that Bill Clinton chooses to hire people who long for the day when white Americans are forced at gunpoint to pick cotton. It has not been shown that Tom Daschle says that people adopt the perverted heterosexual lifestyle because of their irresponsible “stay-at-home” Christian mothers. No one has proven that Dick Gephardt belongs to a group that wants to deport the savage Anglo-Saxons back to the caves of Europe where they can engage in their depravity without bothering civilized people. Until such Democratic malice is documented, the mugwump charge that “both sides do it” is a lie. Lying cannot hide the fact that it is the Republicans who are the purveyors of hatred.

Democrats do have huge shortcomings. The greatest failing of moderate to liberal Americans is their reluctance to face unpleasant truths. They desperately want to believe that their political opponents are wrong, not evil. Their desire to retain this fantasy leads them to ignore the facts that prove otherwise. By temperament, they tend to be pacifists. They generally prefer to avoid confrontation, even at the expense of standing up for principle. As viewed from the perspective of Orrin Hatch, they are “gutless”.

There comes a point in life when one must decide whether to deal with reality or to live in ignorant bliss. The intolerance and hatred that is expressed by Republican leaders is the symptom of an extremely disturbing disease that most non-conservatives have not been strong enough to face.

The Archie Bunkers of America did not magically disappear when All In The Family was cancelled. They are still out there in force, a little more polished, but no less hateful. They appear to be normal, everyday people. They do not wear hoods or jackboots, but they are angry in a way that most non-conservatives consistently fail to comprehend. They still can’t stand blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Jews, Muslims, or gays. They feel threatened by women who stray from traditional roles. In general, they fear and loathe their fellow citizens who are “different”. They don’t burn crosses on their neighbors’ lawns or scrawl swastikas on the local synagogue; they spew their venom at the ballot box. It is no accident that they vote for haters. It is an expression of their sincere, deeply held beliefs.

They are the Republican rank and file. They passionately hated Bill Clinton, despite the fact that he was a mainstream establishment moderate. They didn’t hate him for his positions on the issues, which were frequently their positions on the issues. They hated him because they hate the people who voted for him. This was clearly established by the 2000 electoral map, which compelled so many Republicans to point out that the states that were colored blue for Al Gore were the “immoral” states unpopulated by “real” Americans.

The average Republican would be deeply offended to be labeled as a hater. However, if George W. Bush had said that born again Christians will not go to Heaven, or if Trent Lott had said that heterosexuality was morally equivalent to drunkenness and theft, or if Tom DeLay had blamed the Columbine murders on the Southern Baptist Convention, then there is no doubt that Republicans would have refused to ever support them again. It is therefore a logical inference that the average Republican either agrees with the vomitous bigotry of their leaders, or the average Republican just is not sufficiently offended by it to stop supporting such prejudice with their votes and their money. Either way, the practical effect is the same; the hatred thrives.

The unpleasant reality is that the Republican Party is America’s most dangerous hate group. It controls most of the federal government and a majority of state governments. This confirms the historical truism that evil flourishes when it goes unchallenged. The Republicans are absolutely determined to impose their exclusionary philosophy on the rest of us. They sincerely believe that there is something fundamentally wrong with non-whites, non-Christians, and non-heterosexuals. They deplore non-men who wander outside of their natural habitat, the kitchen and the bedroom. They have definite plans to set things right.

The day that the Democratic Party gets leadership that is willing to confront the Republicans on their bigotry is the day that the Republican Party is finished. This is because the ugly little secret of politics is that the number of Americans whom the Republicans hate exceeds the number of Americans whom the Republicans don’t hate.

The essential first step to effectively combating the Republicans and their intolerant agenda is to have the maturity to perceive them as they are, not as you would like them to be.  

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