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By David Podvin

You're traveling through another dimension -- a dimension not only of betrayal and deceit but of graft. A journey into a shadowy land whose boundaries are that of connivance and corruption. That's a signpost up ahead: your next stop: the Torricelli Zone!

Submitted for your consideration:

Monsters come in all shapes and sizes.

A case in point; a seemingly Democratic Senator from New Jersey.

At first glance, he appears to be a reasonably normal progressive from a traditionally liberal northeast state. But superficial observations can be misleading.

He is, in fact, a monster. Not the kind of monster that kills, maims, or torments. He is a far worse kind of monster. He is a monster whose promises to middle class and poor people that he will be the defender of their interests have been followed by one betrayal after another. In doing so, he and his fellow monsters discourage millions of people from participating in the political process. This, in turn, allows monsters that are even more destructive to take over and terrorize the populace.

This particular monster has once again voted to decrease the size of tax cuts for the middle class in order to increase the size of tax cuts for the rich. This violates the most basic economic tenet of his political party. During the Florida election challenge, the monster repeatedly appeared on national TV to demand that the candidate of his party concede even before the votes were counted. When the Supreme Court stole the election from his partyís candidate, the monster was back on national TV within minutes to again demand a concession and to praise the greatness of the author of the Courtís atrocity.

In the past, the monster has disgraced his party with corrupt and thuggish behavior. He has accepted illegal gifts. He has verbally assaulted his colleagues. He has threatened to castrate his fellow home state senator.

There are millions of Americans who cannot bring themselves to vote for a party that tolerates such disloyal and dissolute monsters, even though they recognize that the other party contains monsters that are even more grotesque.

A party that appears to be tied for control of the Senate might believe that the wise course is to tolerate such monsters in order to serve the greater good of wresting power from the Dark Side. But this approach is ultimately doomed. First, the tie is an illusion, for our monster is only one of several within the party. Second, the party will never be able to properly contrast itself with the gargoyles of the other side until it can present a reasonably united front, and monsters cannot be trusted to be loyal. Not to their party. And not even to those who voted for them.

As painful as it might be in the short run, there is only one way for the party to gain the power that is necessary to serve the interests of the common people who support it.

The monster, and the three other monsters that voted yesterday to transfer wealth from the middle class to the rich, must be cast out.

Itís time to send them to the cornfield.

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