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 Myths Debunked:
Members of the Religious Right Are Followers of Christ



In Matthew, a man comes to Jesus and says "What can I do to be saved?" Christ answers

- Sell what you have
- Give it to the poor
- Build up your treasure in heaven [through prayer and deeds]
- and THEN follow me

That's what he said, and there's really no way around it. In short, if you haven't done these things, you cannot possibly be following Christ. You might like him, you might think he is something to aspire to, you might be grateful for help he's given you, but you are not following him.

And then who are you following?

I return to my old saw, "If Satan wanted to mislead someone, would he tell that person that he is Satan, or would he claim to be from Christ?"

Consider the well-documented Rev. Moon connection with Falwell, Robertson, Ralph Reed, Christian Coalition, Satanic Club Member (skull&bones) George H.W. Bush ($2,000,000 speech fee from Moon two weeks after leaving the White House) etc.

One of the many failures the Progressives have is in not mobilizing the true Religious people behind taking care of those left out in our society. It's time we started tapping that resource--much larger than pure politicos by the way--and time we start revealing the Golden Calf Christians, who fall into two subcategories of Viper Christians and Hypocrite Christians.

Jim P

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Last changed: December 13, 2009