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Myths Debunked
Government Never Does Anything Right



Brookings Institution

Government's Greatest AchievementsThe following endeavors are discussed in the book, "Government's Greatest Achievements: Civil Rights to Homeland Security."

1.      Rebuild Europe After World War II

2.      Expand the Right to Vote

3.      Promote Equal Access to Public Accommodations

4.      Reduce Disease

5.      Reduce Workplace Discrimination

6.      Ensure Safe Food and Drinking Water

7.      Strengthen the Nations Highway Systems

8.      Increase Older Americans' Access to Health Care

9.      Balance Federal Budget

10.  Promote Financial Security in Retirement

11.  Improve Water Quality

12.  Support Veterans Readjustment and Training

13.  Promote Scientific and Technological Research

14.  Promote and Protect Democracy

15.  Improve Air Quality

16.  Enhance Workplace Safety

17.  Strengthen the National Defense

18.  Reduce Hunger and Improve Nutrition

19.  Increase Access to Post-Secondary Education

20.  Enhance Consumer Protection

21.  Expand Foreign Markets for US Goods

22.  Increase the Stability of Financial Institutions and Markets

23.  Increase Arms Control Disarmament

24.  Protect the Wilderness

25.  Promote Space Exploration

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Last changed: December 13, 2009