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2004 Presidential Election

Thanks to Michael Gastner, Cosma Shalizi, and Mark Newman at the University of Michigan for the following maps, where red indicates a majority of votes for Bush and blue indicates a majority of votes for Kerry.

Election results by state

Election results by county

The amount of red on the map is skewed because there are a lot of counties in which only a slim majority voted Republican. One possible way to allow for this, suggested by Robert Vanderbei at Princeton University, is to use not just two colors on the map, red and blue, but instead to use red, blue, and shades of purple to indicate percentages of voters.

Election results by county, using shades of purple to indicate percentages of voters

The map above is still misleading, because it doesn't accommodate for the fact that there are fewer people in the red and lighter purple counties than the blue and darker purple counties.  The map below is a cartogram, which adjusts for population.

Or, shown another way,
ESRI GIS and Mapping Software

This ought to really frost you.

This Land Is Red Land, Paid For by Blue Land ...
Nice federal highway there, Alabama. Hate to see anything happen to it....

By Matt Miller

Let me say up-front that I'm a uniter, not a divider. But speaking as a blue-state resident, maybe I've been a fool.

It's bad enough that the red states elected President Bush and sent the blues into a psychic tailspin…

[A] new analysis in The Great Divide: Retro vs. Metro America, a coffee-table book/political rant by liberal billionaire John Sperling, shows that a fiscal map looks awfully like an electoral map. (Lest you think this is all just liberal bias, the right-leaning Tax Foundation supplies similar data.) Between 1991 and 2001, "winner" states got nearly $1 trillion more in federal benefits than they paid in taxes…

For blue staters, it's one thing to watch red states pick the President and set national policy on everything from Iraq to judges. But to pay them lavishly for the pleasure suggests that blues aren't just losers, they're stupid losers. You can feel blue anger rising. You reds don't like taxes? Okay, stop taking mine! You can have your states' rights too—and we'll start by cutting your allowance!...

Red states shouldn't even want blue money, what with it coming from gun-confiscating pinkos on their way to hell. Cutting off that tainted cash would be doing reds a favor. That's my opening position, anyway. The jig's up. Nice federal highway system you have there, Alabama. I'd hate to see anything happen to it....

Other maps to consider

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Carolyn Kay


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