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Bush Questions


These are the questions that the mainstream media
have neglected to force George W. Bush to answer.

Did George Bush misunderreport the tax liabilities associated with his bidness dealings?

Bush and Taxes,

Why did George Bush lie about when he got to know Ken Lay of Enron?

Bush had dealings with Lay, Enron ventures in the 1980s, Chicago Tribune (archived at

Is George Bush guilty of influence peddling?

The Bush Profiteers: 100 Donors Who Enjoy Hands-off, Handout Government, Texans for Public Justice

Bush Friends Gained Results For Clients,

Bush Family Value$, Mojo Wire

Did George Bush fire the head of the Texas Funeral Service Commission for investigating one of his campaign contributors?

Naked City, Austin Chronicle

Bush named a defendant in whistle-blower lawsuit,

Bush on the Hot Seat in Whistleblower Suits, Texas Lawyer

Did George Bush lie in an affidavit in the above case?

Did Bush lie under oath in funeral home case?,

Funeralgate: Bush Charged With Lying Under Oath About Influence-Peddling,

Bush Affidavit Refuted, Texas Lawyer

Did the State of Texas settle the above lawsuit to keep Bush's lies from being "discovered" by the mainstream media?

Governor approves the settlement of lawsuit involving President Bush, Associated Press

What is George W. Bush's connection to the Moonies?

Evangelicals unaware inaugural event was sponsored by Unification leader, Baptist Press News

Stealth tactics, Moonies and the art of cynicism, Online Journal

Why is TV news ignoring the relationship between Moon and the Bush family?, Online Journal

How did George Bush Turn $606,302 into $14.9 million in only a few years?

How George W. Bush Scored Big With the Texas Rangers, The Public i  

...since his partners had upped Bush’s stake in the team from 1.8 to 11.8 percent, his cut from the proceeds of the sale was $14.9 million, a 25-fold return on his investment of $606,302. Rainwater, who had put far more money into the team than Bush, made $25 million...

Stealing Home, Texas Observer

Broken promises plague parks, New York Daily News

Notes on a Native Son: The George W. Bush Story

Did George Bush violate SEC regulations?  Is he guilty of insider trading?  What kind of "bidnissman" was he?

Harvard role in Harken called deeper, Group says partnership kept Bush firm afloat, Boston Globe

Bush and Andersen's Texas Two-Step, The Nation

Bush Violated Security Laws Four Times, SEC Report Says, The Public i

Bush as businessman,

How far back does questionable integrity go in the Bush family?

What Fertilized the Bushes?, Texas Observer

Family of Clinton utilized long White House tradition, St. Petersburg Times

Don't Cry for Bush, Argentina, MoJo Wire

Author links Bush family to Nazis, Sarasota Herald-Tribune (archived at

The bush nazi coke moonie connection, Disinformation

George [H.W.] Bush: The Unauthorized Biography

Did George Bush encourage mob violence to stop a vote count?

Right-Wingers Praise Antics of Bush Thugs, New York Observer

W's Triumph of the Will,

Did George Bush lie about a DUI?

Busted!, Jake Tapper,

Prosecutor says Bush "directly deceived" him to avoid jury duty,

Was George Bush AWOL from duty with the Texas Air National Guard?

One-year gap in Bush's National Guard duty, Boston Globe

Bush Let Guard Down, Washington Post, archived at


We were Soldiers Once? -  The Bush War Record, Mother Jones

The complete record,

Did Bush aides mishandle his military records?

Bush Aides Possibly Altered National Guard Records To Conceal Grounding and Missed Duty,

Were George W. Bush's National Guard Records Scrubbed? Bill Burkett Should Know,

What does George Bush REALLY think about women?

Prodigal Son, Jake Tapper,

Did George Bush arrange an abortion for a girlfriend in 1971?

Media silences George W. Bush abortion story, (from the Internet Archive)

Smut monger decries media won't touch Bush abortion story,

It's the story no one will touch, Online Journal (from the Internet Archive)

Did George Bush lie about his record in Texas?

Bush's Texas Record, Washington Post

Bush and the Texas Environment, by Molly Ivins and Louis Dubose

Texas video massacre,

Did George Bush and the Republican Party lie about Al Gore and the Democrats during the campaign?

Protecting Bush-Cheney,

Vint Cerf responded to MSNBC, Matrix News

Al Gore v. the Media,

Truth Be Told, Washington Post

Gore's too-willing executioners,

Gore In Context (Google cache, archived at

Al Gore's Journey: Few in No. 2 Spot Have Been as Involved as Gore, The New York Times

What was Bush like as a boy?

A Philosophy With Roots In Conservative Texas Soil, The New York Times

Miscellaneous unanswered questions

Fortunate Son, by J.H. Hatfield

Bush, Jr.'s Skeleton Closet

The Bush Files

Shrub : The Short but Happy Political Life of George W. Bush, by Molly Ivins and Louis Dubose

And finally, how can the Republicans be so hypocritical by supporting Bush despite all of the proven and possible improprieties?

The death of outrage,

And then there's Dick Cheney:

The Public i

Cheney Led Halliburton To Feast at Federal Trough

By Knut Royce and Nathaniel Heller

(Washington, August 2) Under the guidance of Richard Cheney, a get-the-government-out-of-my-face conservative, Halliburton Company over the past five years has emerged as a corporate welfare hog, benefiting from at least $3.8 billion in federal contracts and taxpayer-insured loans…

Wall Street analysts praise Cheney’s stewardship of the company and attribute his ability to attract government contracts and grants to his high-level access to the corridors of power that stems from his days as defense secretary under President George Bush. If he becomes vice president, according to a Halliburton official who admires Cheney but asked to remain anonymous, "the company’s government contracts would obviously go through the roof.” [Emphasis added.]

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