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Capitol Switchboard: 

888-355-3588 (toll free)
Ask for the office of the senator or representative you want to speak to

Elected representatives:

U.S. Congress - Senate

U.S. Congress House of Representatives

To see how they voted:


This Congress


Senate, most recent votes with links to the history

The Media

Letters to the editor:

(Be sure to include your full name, your address, and daytime and evening phone numbers.  If you're polite, you're more likely to get published.)  

CEOExpress (Has links to many newspapers and news feeds)


World News Tonight

Peter Jennings

Good Morning America

Associated Press

Boston Globe

CBS News

Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Tribune

Christian Science Monitor



Wolf Blitzer

Court TV

Financial Times

Fox News Channel

Los Angeles Times



Imus in the Morning

Morning Line

Hardball with Chris Matthews

MSNBC Investigates

The News with Brian Williams

Headliners & Legends with Matt Lauer

Time and Again with Jane Pauley


Letters to the editor  (scroll down to the bottom of the page)


Weekend Today

Nightly News with Tom Brokaw

Dateline NBC

Meet the Press

Newsweek Online

The New Republic

The New York Times

National Public Radio

All Things Considered



USA Today

Washington Post

Many more newspapers

Or call in to talk shows to express your opinion:

Washington Journal on C-SPAN
Democrats' line --- 202-737-0001
7 am EST

Talk Back Live, CNN
Listener line - 800-310-4266
3-4 pm EST

Hannity & Colmes, Fox News Channel
Listener line - 888-TELL-FOX
9-10 pm EST

National Radio Shows

Diane Rehm, NPR
10-11 am EST
Phone 202-885-1231
Listener line 800-433-8850

Bev Smith Show American Urban Radio Network
10pm-2am EST
Phone 301-429-2674
Fax 301-929-9431
Listener line - 1-877-723-4666

Jim Bohannon Show, Westwood One Network
10pm-2 am EST
Listener line - 800-998-JIMBO
Phone 703-413-8475

Rush Limbaugh, EIB
12-3 pm EST
Listener line 800-282-2882

Oliver North, Salem
3-7 pm EST
Phone 202-408-0944
Listener line 800-520-1234

Don Imus, Infinity
6-10 am EST
Phone 718-706-7650
Fax 718-706-6481
Listener line-800-370-IMUS



Last changed: December 13, 2009