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AP Files 7 DMCA Takedowns Against Drudge Retort (by Roger Cadenhead)
I’m currently engaged in a legal disagreement with the Associated Press, which claims that Drudge Retort users linking to its stories are violating its copyright and committing “‘hot news’ misappropriation under New York state law.” An AP attorney filed six Digital Millenium Copyright Act takedown requests this week demanding the removal of blog entries and another for a user comment. The Retort is a community site comparable in function to Digg, Reddit and Mixx. The 8,500 users of the site contribute blog entries of their own authorship and links to interesting news articles on the web, which appear immediately on the site. None of the six entries challenged by AP, which include two that I posted myself, contains the full text of an AP story or anything close to it. They reproduce short excerpts of the articles — ranging in length from 33 to 79 words — and five of the six have a user-created headline.
The AP sued Viacom last year for this same kind of activity, and forced Google to post AP articles in their entirety, instead of just headlines with links, and made them pay for the privilege.

Fair Use And The Associated Press (by Cernig at Newshoggers)
Effective immediately, Newshoggers is boycotting AP’s content, including that from other sites that syndicate their stuff. We will find other sources – Reuters usually has the same stories and syndicates our BlogBurst feed on its websites without a problem – or we simply will find a different story to blog about. We urge you to join us in boycotting these bullies.

UnAssociated Press
Bloggers beware, Associated Press are on the warpath, starting bogus copyright suits against those linking and quoting even the merest fraction of an AP news report.

Sign the petition,
join the boycott!

AP, hole, dig (by Jeff Jarvis)
In Saul Hansell’s NY Times report on the AP affair, they only dig themselves deeper, saying they don’t want us to quote their stories but to summarize them. That, you see, is the AP way: the mill. That is not our way: the ethic of the quote and link. The AP is still trying to preserve its way. But, as I often say, protection is no strategy for the future. In the story – which, note, I’m only summarizing here, without the quotes from the AP that might better state its stance (ahem) – the agency comes off like a policy ping-pong game, going back and forth: We want to threaten but not to sue, we want to be reasonable but we’re still going to demand that Cadenhead take down excerpts, we don’t know what the hell to do. Maybe back off, AP. Because we won’t… Where’s my Reuters T-shirt?

Here’s Our New Policy On A.P. stories: They’re Banned (by Michael Arrington at TechCrunch)
[H]ere’s our new policy on A.P. stories: they don’t exist. We don’t see them, we don’t quote them, we don’t link to them. They’re banned until they abandon this new strategy, and I encourage others to do the same until they back down from these ridiculous attempts to stop the spread of information around the Internet.

Gabe Rivera at
@TechCrunch years ago I devised a backup plan whereby blog posts are auto-substituted for AP (and AFP) articles. Hopefully won’t be needed.

NBC remembers Russert on first ‘Meet the Press’ since his death
WASHINGTON (CNN) — The moderator’s chair on NBC’s “Meet the Press” stood empty on Sunday in remembrance of Tim Russert, the man who had occupied it for 17 years. As the show’s host, Russert became a mainstay of television journalism’s political talk. He died Friday of apparent heart attack, according to the network. He was 58. The network said Russert collapsed while at work.
I’m not going to express a remorse I don’t feel.  Tim Russert was the poster boy for all that is wrong with the U.S. media.  I only wish that, instead of dying, he had lived to regret his role in the destruction of trust in media, and become a reformer.

Joe Klein said in Time, “Tim was boggled by Clinton, impressed and appalled by him. The only real differences we had in 30 years of friendship were over his treatment of both Clintons, which I thought was occasionally too sharp — and had its roots, I believed, in the strict lessons about sex and probity he’d learned from the nuns (which he often joked about). Our last conversation, sadly, was an argument over that.”
And to that I say nonsense.  Russert was a huge fan of JFK, and never said a word against him, even when Kennedy’s sexual adventures became widely known.  I’m convinced that the hatred of the Clintons is a class thing, not a prudery thing.

“We Will Kill You” (by Steve Corbett, WILK Radio)
In the thousands of emails I’ve received in the year that “Corbett” has been on the air, I have not received a single death threat – until yesterday. “We will kill you when Obama become PRESIDENT OF USA.,” the email reads. “You would see!!!” … What makes this threat to kill me all the more mysterious is that it appears to have been sent through Barack Obama’s official campaign website – – the website that sends me official announcements of Obama’s campaign comings and goings… With all the gushing news about how savvy the Obama campaign is in their high-tech internet ability, how could anybody send an email on the official website that threatens to kill somebody? After asking this question on the air yesterday, I soon received an email of explanation – not from anybody associated with the Obama campaign, through, but from a listener who walked me through the process of sending any email from the official Obama site with any message and bearing any name – including Barack’s. It’s so simple, the email explained, and so stupid. It’s so dangerous, too.
Texas Darlin has posted some of her hate mail, too.

During the Reformation in Europe, as William Manchester so brilliantly described in A World Lit Only By Fire, the demand for conformity in religious expression reached the point where people were burned at the stake for being accused by others (their enemies?) of not attending church.  Both Catholics and protestants were known to succumb to such horrors.  But it got even worse.  There came a time when people began to be burned at the stake for NOT APPEARING PIOUS ENOUGH when ATTENDING church.  But we don’t burn people at the stake any more, although death threats for nonbelievers in certain political candidates are becoming more common (see below for an example).  Many former friends have tried to intimidate me and to force me into conformity, but it has not worked and it will not work.

Do not tell me that I am not a Democrat or not a sufficiently devoted Democrat for not extending unquestioning support to the purported Democratic nominee.  Save your fingers and save the bandwidth.  I have always fought for issues, not individual people or parties, and I will keep on doing that.  I will not bow to pressure to conform to any rigidly held belief, or any pie in the sky, either.  I will continue to call ‘em as I see ‘em.  If you want conformity, go elsewhere.  There are plenty of places that subscribe to that kind of Drudgery.

I see that Taylor Marsh is back in the good graces of the He Who Determines Who Can Be Mentioned in Polite Company (Along With Right-Wing Religious Nuts), and all it took was vowing to work against the election of John McCain in November.  But there’s still no hope for those of us who demand more of Obama before we’ll commit.  However, Taylor hasn’t done enough penance not to get hacked, it seems.

You’re going to LOVE living in a dictatorship for another four years.

Logistics (by Anglachel)
If the DNC has already relocated to
Chicago…, then the plan to move was approved months ago. I’ve been involved in the merger of two good sized US corporations. It’s not something that can be done at the drop of a hat… This casts the repeated insistence that Florida and Michigan not be allowed to change the outcome in a new light. If the DNC had agreed to relocate, but Obama lost the nomination, that would have made for a lot of explaining as to the DNC itself taking sides. It also makes the silence of top party leaders over the brutal treatment of Hillary by the press more explicable – they needed her to lose in order to give their own machinations some cover.

Over the last few months I have tried to express my concerns for what the Obama campaign is doing to the Democratic Party. While I am a dyed in the wool Hillary supporter, my objections to what Dean, Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy, Obama, et. al., are doing to the party are swiftly growing larger than whether or not Hillary was treated fairly in the campaign or even whether she was cheated out of the nomination. We are talking about a hostile takeover of the party.
So how’s that corporate merger working out for you, Democratic leadership?  See below.

Cash shortage forces DNC host committee to delay media event (Denver Post)
Continuing struggles to raise cash for the Democratic National Convention forced the suspension of a national media event scheduled for Thursday at the Pepsi Center, multiple sources said. The Democratic National Convention Committee announced Friday morning that it had postponed the Spring Media Walkthrough, a meeting designed to give the hundreds of media organizations that will cover the convention important logistical information. Because of the protracted Democratic nominating process, Denver’s host committee responsible for raising $40.6 million in cash for the convention has fallen behind its schedule. The host committee and the DNCC have been looking for ways to cut costs. Those measures have delayed several logistical decisions, said the sources, who are familiar with the planning and negotiations.
Did you get that?  It’s HILLARY’S FAULT!  Because she wouldn’t agree to be kicked to the curb as soon as the party poohbahs demanded it.  Don’t you know that every failure of the Democrats in this election will now be blamed on her?  Having Clinton Derangement Syndrome means never having to take responsibility for your own errors or bad judgment.

Democratic Party’s Image Improves (Political Wire)
“The overall image of the Democratic Party has improved over the past year,” according to a new Pew Research survey, “although the Democratic-led Congress remains widely unpopular. A majority of Americans (57%) say they have a favorable view of the Democratic Party, up six points since July 2007 and 10 points since July 2006. In contrast, views of the Republican Party remain at historic lows. Currently, 53% of Americans express unfavorable views of the Republican Party while only 39% say they have a favorable opinion of the party.”
But wait, I thought Hillary Clinton DESTROYED the party!

Forget the Kool-Aid: the DNC’s Now Serving New Coke (HillBuzz)
The lesson of New Coke’s 1985 rebranding failure is one the Democrats are hell-bent on learning all over again in 2008. Executives, or committee members, who re-brand long-established American institutions, such as Coca-Cola (or the Democratic Party), may have a lot of marketing material and focus group data backing up their radical decision: but that doesn’t mean Americans are going to fall in line and happily drink the New Coke, or the Obama Kool-Aid, as the case may be… With this rebranding so thoroughly maximized, there can be no turning back. Either [Donna] Brazile & Company are unparalleled geniuses and they truly have set in motion a cultural revolution that will change the world forever, or they’ve just sent the Democrats to the scrap heap of history.

Because, if you remember, Coca-Cola still had the old formula to revert back to, with all the old ingredients at their disposal to switch immediately back to “Coca Cola Classic” when New Coke bombed. Whatever happens this fall, there’s no “Democrat Party Classic” in a vault somewhere to turn to if all this Obama Nation stuff doesn’t work out.

From back in April: What Was Kennedy Drinking? (by Canaan Parker, an African American, at  Activism Works)
The best scenario for the Democrats was for Obama to make a respectable run, make black voters ectastically proud, inspire the youth vote, break fundraising records, and then accept the Vice Presidency, or turn it down to run for Governor of Illinois. All the fruits of the early Obama phenomenon were already there for the Democrats to reap… Instead, the Democratic ‘leadership’ (LOL!) pushed the situation out of control. Now they can either write off Reagan Democrats, piss off women, and lose yet another in a string of Dukakis-style landslides. Or they can dump Obama and wound black voters. If they could even spell the three-letter word ‘win’, they would have counted Clinton’s wins in Michigan and Florida before Super Tuesday and Kennedy would have kept his big mouth shut. Everyone would be happy today. They’re not geniuses over in the anti-Clinton wing. That’s for damn sure.

Gallup Daily: Obama-McCain Race Reverts to Virtual Tie
PRINCETON, NJ — Voters are closely divided between Barack Obama and John McCain in Gallup Poll Daily tracking conducted June 12-14, with 44% of national registered voters favoring Obama for president and 42% backing McCain.

McCain Reaches Out To Clinton Supporters, Promises to Appoint More Women in Government (From the Road, CBS News)
WASHINGTON — Attempting to reach out to Democratic voters, independents, and especially Hillary Clinton supporters, John McCain held a town hall meeting via conference call today where he praised Clinton’s work and her campaign. “Every place I go, I’m told Sen. Clinton inspired millions of young women in this country, and not necessarily young women, inspired a whole generation of young Americans,” McCain said. “I do especially admire the fact that when Sen. Clinton came to the United States Senate, her first efforts were on working together, Republican and Democrat, particularly on the Armed Services Committee, on issues that would first of all help the men and women who are serving this country.”

McCain Cancels Fundraiser with Oilman Who Joked About Rape (The Trail, Washington Post)
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) Friday suddenly cancelled an upcoming fundraiser at the home of a Texas Republican after media outlets began asking the campaign about comments the host made while running for governor in 1990. Clayton Williams, who ran unsuccessfully against the late Texas Gov. Ann Richards (D), sparked controversy nearly two decades ago when he joked women should give in while being raped. “As long as it’s inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it,” the oilman remarked at the time. Williams — who was planning to hold a reception for McCain at his home Monday — also suggested at the time that he would campaign against Richards the way he treated the cattle he owned, vowing to “head her and hoof her and drag her through the dirt” like a cow on his ranch.
Click through to see the rape remarks in the video of an ad Richards ran at the time.  I’m well aware that McCain chuckled when a supporter asked, early in the campaign, “How do we beat the bitch?”  As far as I know, McCain has never apologized for that reaction.  But as far as I know, Obama has never apologized for playing Jay-Z’s “I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain’t one” at his Iowa victory party, which.  “Some listeners took it as a not-so-sly reference to Hillary,” said the New York Post.

Obama on GOP: ‘If They Bring a Knife to the Fight, We Bring a Gun’ (Briefing Room, The Hill)
Barack Obama is warning supporters that the general election fight between him and John McCain may get ugly, but the Illinois senator is vowing not to back down. “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama said at a fundraiser in
Philadelphia Friday, according to pool reports… Republican National Committee spokesman Alex Conant said Obama’s rhetoric abandons Obama’s campaign themes of hope and change. “In the last 24 hours, he’s completely abandoned his campaign’s call for ‘new politics’, equating the election to a ‘brawl’ and promising to ‘bring a gun,’” Conant said.

Tin-eared at MSNBC (by Joan Walsh, Salon)
There’s a fascinating Peter Boyer profile of Keith Olbermann in this week’s New Yorker. It gives Olbermann lovers plenty of what they love; it also gives those who’ve criticized him, and MSNBC, for unfair coverage of Hillary Clinton plenty to criticize… [T]alking to the New Yorker, Griffin seemed to acknowledge a problem, particularly with Olbermann’s coverage of Clinton, while denying that it would hurt the network:  ”[J]ust as Obama must work to win Clinton supporters for the fall campaign, Phil Griffin has to repair a fractured audience base, a portion of which saw sexism in his network’s Clinton coverage and vowed to boycott MSNBC… ‘I do think they’re going to come back. There’s nowhere else to go.’” I have some advice for Phil Griffin, not that he asked me. Don’t tell your customers they have nowhere else to go. Also: Try to avoid comparing irritated female viewers with wives and girlfriends who have to stay with a “jerk” who is “difficult and brutal.” It’s insulting to Olbermann and his female critics alike.
Gee, that’s funny, they have the same tin ear at the Democratic Party.  They also think we have nowhere to go.  See below.

Emanuel says there’s no problem: Democratic fence-sitters wary of Obama (by Mark Silva, The Swamp, Chicago Tribune)
Not every member of the Democratic Party seeking reelection this year is caught up in the party’s Obama-mania. More than a dozen in conservative districts, particularly in the South, have made it clear that they want nothing to do with the presidential race. Rep. Rahm Emanuel of
Illinois, the Democratic House leader who helped orchestrated the party’s strategy for gaining control of Congress in 2006, suggests that too much shouldn’t be read into the fence-sitting Democrats this year. “They’re just going to stick to their knitting,” Emanuel said. “It’s not that they’re anti-Obama.” [Emphasis added.]
Some of us don’t even knit, Rahm, difficult as it may be for you to believe.  But we ARE organizing.  See below.

18 Million Voices (formerly Million Woman March)
The Purpose of this blog is to organize Hillary Clinton supporters and anyone else who wishes to march at the Democratic Convention in August in support of Senator Clinton and Women’s Rights worldwide. Email:
Click through for information on meetings by state.

Clinton Supporters Voices Will Be Heard In Denver! (video)

Enter The PUMA [Party Unity My Ass] Party Forums
Organizing has never been easier. Network with hundreds of PUMA Party members on a variety of related causes using our forums.

Get Your Own PUMA Party Blog
Get a free blog on our PUMA Party blog network instantly. Post your thoughts, ideas, news, press releases or anything else. Your blog will be linked from our homepage that received thousands of daily visits.

Folks are trying to get a “Thank you card campaign” started. (via email)
We want to flood Senator Clinton’s DC office with thank you cards.
On the front of the envelope we are writing “WE ARE ONE OF 18 MILLION” and we are asking her to take it to Denver. We want to reach as many supporters as possible so it can be effective.
WASHINGTON DC 20510-3202

A group of Democrats are mobilizing to hit the networks, who have publicly and openly shunned and abused Hillary for Obama’s sake despite gross differences in qualifications for the President position. The group is calling for all women involved to write to advertisers on the stations that should they not remove the advertising content, we will boycott their products. This campaign will start June 23rd and will go on until advertisers will start pulling their advertising.
Click through for advertiser contact information.  I’ll keep you updated on this effort.  Meanwhile, the media continue to print the Obama campaign’s press releases verbatim.  See below.

Women voters lining up behind Obama (by Michael Finnegan, Los Angeles Times)
Marilyn Authenreith, a mother of two in North Carolina, felt strongly about supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary. But once the former first lady quit the race, Authenreith switched allegiance to Barack Obama, mainly because she thinks that he — unlike Republican John McCain — will push for universal healthcare.
Except that Obama is NOT for universal healthcare, Mike, too bad you didn’t look that up before you posted this article.

Angry Clinton Women ? McCain? (by Clinton hater Frank Rich, New York Times)
The same Republican operatives who gleefully insulted Hillary Clinton are now peddling the fable that her female supporters will desert their own party en masse.

From Reba Shimansky, via email:
It is  chutzpah on the part of Frank Rich to write about how Hillary`s women  supporters are rallying around Obama since he is neither a woman nor a Hillary supporter. While it is true that the majority of Hillary`s female supporters will vote for  Obama because they do not want another GOP president a significant number will not. Last Sunday I attended a brunch for Hillary Clinton volunteers. About 100 women showed up. The mood of these diehard Hillary supporters was hatred of towards Obama and the establishment of the Democrat party that sided with Obama over Hillary. Many of the women, including myself said they we would be voting for McCain as a protest vote. Hillary got 18 million voters and even if only 10% of her supporters vote for Mccain that could make a difference in a close election.

Bill Richardson’s Star is Falling with a BIG THUD (Not on VP Shortlist, State Legislators FED UP with Him) (by GRL at InsightAnalytical)
Bill Richardson’s poll numbers have dropped from their high, settling back to what they were before he ran for President. And now that NBC’s Chuck Todd and Domenica Montanaro have reported that
Richardson is NOT on the short list for VP, who knows where his numbers will end up? One thing is for sure, the attitude of state legislators is not very enthusiastic for ol’ Bill.

Warner says no to VP spot (Richmond Times Dispatch)
Former Virginia Gov. Mark R. Warner said today he would not accept the Democratic vice presidential nomination. Speaking to Virginia Democrats at their state convention here, Warner said he is devoted “110 percent” to winning the U.S. Senate seat this fall.

John Kerry, who voted ‘Aye’ on Iraq war, faces first primary challenger (Top of the Ticket, Los Angeles Times)
For the first time since he was elected to the Senate 24 years ago, John Kerry, who voted for the use of military force in Iraq before he opposed the conflict, will face a primary challenger for his Massachusetts seat. Attorney and former Gloucester City Councilman Ed O’Reilly, a onetime commercial lobsterman, won 22.5% of the delegates Saturday at the Democratic state convention in Lowell, Mass., to secure a place on the state primary ballot in September. O’Reilly has been endorsed by Progressive Democrats of America, the antiwar group that helped activist Donna Edwards unseat eight-term incumbent Democratic Rep. Albert R. Wynn in Maryland earlier this year.

Dems delegate fight turns ugly (Naked Politics, Miami Herald)
So much for party unity: As Florida Dems prepare for Saturday’s Jefferson-Jackson dinner aimed at bringing the party “together once and for all,” a spat over the Obama campaign’s decision to replace some already-designated
Florida delegates with Obama backers has intensified. And how. DNC member Jon Ausman late Thursday e-mailed Dems (and reporters) choice sections of what he says were e-mails from Obama’s Florida finance chair Kirk Wagar — in which Wagar curses Ausman out and criticizes Sen. Bill Nelson and party director Leonard Joseph. The highlights: “You (Jon Ausman) f&^%ed us. We are dealing with it. You need to accept the fact that you f*&^ed us.”

Superdelegate Davis slow to endorse Obama (Nashville City Paper)
The rise of Sen. Barack Obama, to become the Democrats’ presidential nominee has put most of his party’s faithful on his bandwagon — but not Lincoln Davis, a rural Tennessee Congressman with gubernatorial ambitions.
Davis (D-Pall Mall) is not yet endorsing the presumptive nominee in Obama, saying he’ll wait until the late August Democratic Party national convention. In Davis’ sprawling 4th Congressional District — which ranges from as far west as Hickman County to as far east as the upper Cumberland Plateau — less than a quarter of Democrats in the largely rural district voted for Obama, the nation’s first African-American presidential candidate nominated by a major party, in Tennessee’s presidential primary.

Clinton delegate to vote for McCain (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)
As an avid supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic primaries, Debra Bartoshevich is not alone in her frustration over
Clinton’s defeat. She’s not alone in refusing to support Barack Obama. And she’s not entirely alone in saying she’ll vote this fall for Republican John McCain instead. But what makes her unusual is that she holds these views as an elected delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Denver this summer.
The state party is now trying to revoke her convention status.

Malik Obama says his brother will be good president for the Jews (Jerusalem Post)
Barack Obama’s half brother Malik said Thursday that if elected his brother will be a good president for the Jewish people, despite his Muslim background. In an interview with Army Radio he expressed a special salutation from the Obamas of Kenya.

Rezko’s letter should put Obama, governor on alert (by John Kass, Chicago Tribune)
The last thing Sen. Barack Obama and Gov. Rod Blagojevich needed was that letter written by convicted Illinois influence peddler Tony Rezko promising he’d never rat out his pals… “I have never been a party to any wrongdoing that involved the Governor or the Senator,” Rezko argued. “I will never fabricate lies about anyone else for selfish purposes. I will take whatever comes my way, but I will never hurt innocent people.” Amen, Tony. But those who say nothing don’t brag. They shut up. Yet those who promise to say nothing, and promise it loudly, often have much to say later, in a calm and rational voice, meekly from the witness box.

Beware the Chicago boys (by Naomi Klein, writing at Comment Is Free, The Guardian, U.K.)
Barack Obama waited just three days after Hillary Clinton pulled out of the race to declare, on CNBC: “Look. I am a pro-growth, free-market guy. I love the market.” Demonstrating that this is no mere spring fling, he has appointed the 37-year-old Jason Furman, one of Wal-Mart’s most prominent defenders, to head his economic team… Obama’s love of markets and his desire for “change” are not inherently incompatible. “The market has gotten out of balance,” he says, and it most certainly has. Many trace this profound imbalance to the ideas of Milton Friedman, who launched a counter-revolution against the New Deal from his perch at the University of Chicago. And here there are more problems, because Obama – who taught law at Chicago for a decade – is embedded in the mindset known as the
Chicago School.

The news is not all bad. Furman claims he will be drawing on the expertise of two Keynesian economists: Jared Bernstein, of the Economic Policy Institute, and James Galbraith, son of Friedman’s nemesis, John Kenneth Galbraith. Our “current economic crisis”, Obama recently said, is “the logical conclusion of a tired and misguided philosophy that has dominated Washington for far too long”. True enough. But before Obama can purge Washington of the scourge of Friedmanism, he has some ideological house cleaning of his own to do.
It still is just totally beyond me that The Nation, for which Klein writes, endorsed Barack Obama, with all his right-wing talking points on economics.  The Clintons have a proven track record on economic issues, but they chose the question mark.

Social Security Is Fully Solvent Until 2046 (by Dean Baker)
That is a point worth mentioning in a discussion of measures intended to lengthen its period of solvency. There are many people who are convinced that the program is on the edge of bankruptcy. This is the result of a well-financed scare campaign by people like Peter Peterson. The Post neglected to mention this important fact in its discussion of a proposal by Senator Obama to raise Social Security taxes on people earning more than $250,000 a year.

Media Matters for America headlines

NY Times baselessly suggested Obama campaign highlighted McCain’s age without noting context of remarks or campaign’s denials

On Fox News Sunday, Liasson falsely claimed that study concluded Obama’s tax plans “might add more to the deficit” than McCain’s

Bloomberg again reported McCain attack on Obama on campaign finance, but not that McCain may be breaking campaign finance law

Given Cheney’s reported correction, will George Will follow?

Hannity twice referred to Obama as the “No. 1 radical liberal in the Senate”

Politico’s Smith falsely suggested Clinton criticized Obama’s specific Social Security proposal

NBC’s Williams heard McCain’s attacks on Obama’s economic plan, but didn’t ask how McCain would pay for his

MSNBC’s Hardball falsely suggested McCain holds statistically significant lead over Obama among white suburban women

Chicago Tribune repeated baseless suggestion that Obama attacked McCain’s age, linked comment to 2000 smears of McCain

Nine Women, Including Five Journalists, Arrested In Latest Attempt To Intimidate Cyber-feminists (Reporters Without Borders)
At least 14 websites that defend women’s rights were blocked by Iranian authorities.

Resort owner wants notes, phone records from 15 reporters
In their search for the source of grand jury leaks, lawyers for the Mount Airy Casino Resort’s owner are demanding that 15 reporters turn over not only their handwritten notes but also their personal cell phones and home phone bills. Reporters from the Associated Press, Morning Call, Citizens’ Voice of Wilkes-Barre, Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News received subpoenas.

Bebo blamed for 13-year-old boy’s death
Sam Leeson, a 13 year old student from Tredworth, Gloucestershire, hanged himself in his bedroom apparently after suffering months of bullying online. Sam’s mother Sally Cope, 45, said the family only learnt of the cyberbullying when they checked his Bebo page after his death. She has blamed Bebo, a teenage social network similar to MySpace, for her son’s death, and demanded a crackdown on websites that allow cyberbullies to target other users.

Germany: Internet Growth Cut For Broadcasters (Variety)
In a major setback for ARD and ZDF,
Germany’s state leaders have agreed to restrict the pubcasters’ expanding Internet activities as a result of mounting pressure from the EU Commission.

Tiger Sinks the Putt; Twitter Goes Wild! (by Adam Ostrow at Mashable)
[A] few minutes ago [Sunday] Tiger Woods concluded one of the more exciting US Open’s in recent memory by sinking a 12-foot putt to force a playoff tomorrow with heavy underdog Rocco Mediate… About five minutes later, Pete messages me “everyone is talking about Tiger Woods!” So I fire up Summize, and sure enough, updates mentioning “Tiger” are streaming in at a rapid fire pace – somewhere between 40-50 per minute I’d guesstimate. On the right, a feature we haven’t mentioned previously on Summize – Trending Topics – already shows Tiger, US Open, and Rocco as the top three. The feature isn’t brand new, but with all the talk of Twitter being a place where news first breaks, it’s certainly something to keep an eye on all day if you’re in the news business. How to make it better? Add some notifications when new trending topics hit – either in the form of a Twitter account (like TechMeme Firehose), an SMS message, or perhaps a desktop notifier.

Internet Most Powerful Medium, Says F-H Study
The internet has ten times the influence of traditional print media on the average consumer, according to a study by Fleishman-Hillard.

Lost in E-Mail, Tech Firms Face Self-Made Beast
Some of the biggest technology companies have formed a group to fight information overload.

A Book Club Courts Liberals
The new Progressive Book Club is inviting readers to join and buy three books at $1 apiece in exchange for the obligation to buy four books over the next two years.

Quickening of Newspapers’ Decline Predicted
Predicting a steeper decline in advertising revenue over the next two years, a Wachovia analyst cut his rating on the newspaper sector Friday, and forecast smaller profits for five publishers. Analyst John Janedis expects total ad revenue to fall 10.4 percent in 2008 and 6.5 percent next year, which will hurt profits and revenue for McClatchy Co., GateHouse Media Inc., Gannett Co., Lee Enterprises Inc., and The New York Times Co. He reduced his rating on the sector to “Underweight” from “Market Weight.”

DMN’s op-ed balance in ’08: 39% liberal, 39% conservative
“It doesn’t add up to 100% because roughly a fifth of what we publish is considered non-ideological,” explains Dallas Morning News editorial page editor Keven Ann Willey. She shares this note from a reader: “I do appreciate you and your staff’s attempts at balance. I just disagree with your choice of ‘liberals’ and, frankly, ‘conservatives.’ Barry Goldwater was conservative. Bill Buckley was a conservative. Jonah Goldberg is a buffoon. So is the ‘liberal’ Maureen Dowd. For starters, eliminating both would improve Viewpoints.”

Swedish Music Producer Invests Pirate Tax In Free Album (Mashable)
Mr.Suitcase, a resident of
Stockholm, has said that [an album he produced] “Frauds” is the result of monetary recompense given the artist (and others in the music business) through a “pirate tax.” The tax, culled through most every sale of recordable media (CDs) and MP3 players in Sweden (roughly 0.04 krona/megabyte), and channeled into the hands of the Swedish Performing Rights Society, is given out to artists as a sort of refund for money presumably not earned due to copyright infringement and piracy. So for all those who find the tax a unjust charge, offensive and demeaning in its presumed guilt, Mr.Suitcase is sending his payments – the sum total of which has not been divulged – out to any interested listeners in the form of a new 49-minute digital LP.

FCC Chief To Recommend Clearing XM-Sirius Deal; Conditions Include A La Carte Subscription (Paid Content)
U.S. Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin Martin will recommend clearing Sirius Satellite Radio’s proposed purchase of rival XM Satellite Radio, and will remove the last big hurdle for the $5 billion deal, with a vote in as little as three weeks if the companies meet several conditions… The conditions that the deal may come under are designed to protect consumers from price increases for satellite-radio service and inflated prices for satellite receivers, the WSJ story says. Another condition calls for additional service options for three years to give consumers choice determine to which channels they want to subscribe, meaning a la carte, that would be available within three months of the close of the deal. Also, the FCC would also require the combined XM-Sirius to set aside 8 percent of its channels equally for non-commercial and minority-owned stations.

MSOs Fight to Keep TV on the TV, Not the Net
Time Warner Cable Isn’t Happy With Cablers That Give Away Content Online

NBC Universal Brings Oxygen Into the Fold
The Oxygen cable channel, purchased by NBC Universal last year, is beginning to embrace its new identity as NBC’s flagship female television brand.
And it’s still just as boring as it always was.

Updated: Choppy Waters For Weather Channel: Time Warner Withdraws Bid; NBCU In Exclusive Talks (Paid Content)
The auction for Weather Channel hasn’t gone very smoothly, and now one of the major suitors left in the field, Time Warner, withdrew its bid to buy it, reports Reuters, citing sources. The deadline for a new bid passed at
noon EST today. Landmark Communications, the current owner of Weather, had hoped for $5 billion, but as the bid progressed with less interested buyers, the price was supposed to be around $3.5 billion. Does that mean NBC Universal, which has a bid in with Blackstone Group, now go through?

Icahn: Yahoo’s Google Deal ‘Might Have Merit’, ‘May Be Better Than Microsoft’ (Paid Content)
Could Carl Icahn have actually been placated by Yahoo’s picking Google over his favoured candidate, Microsoft? The proxy marshall told Reuters, in what the newswire said were his first comments since the purply one opted for a Google ad-deal rather than a Microsoft buy-out: “While the Google deal is not the same as an offer of $34.375 per share for Yahoo, I am continuing to study it, and it might have some merit.”

‘Blogopticon’ Charts It Out
Navigating the blogosphere can be trying, what with everyone from Al Roker to your Wiccan cousin out in
New Mexico vying for the attention of the world’s billion-plus Web surfers. In an effort to make some sense of it all, Vanity Fair has charted the most influential or amusing blogs about politics, gossip, Hollywood, media, and miscellany, and located them on two basic continuums: tone and content.

Remote Clicks That Do More Than Just Change Channels
An ambitious effort to take interactive television into American homes is expanding after a test of the system began at a single station last month.

MySpace Might Have Friends, but It Wants Ad Money
Monetizing social networking Web sites is proving to be an arduous road and ad revenues have not come in as quickly as planned.

Rogue Computers Used in Ad Fraud
Click fraud, in which people or computers click on ads solely to generate a payment, is on the rise.

EBay Closes Down Media Marketplace Web Site
No Go for Online Ad Exchange Test to Buy TV Time

Google: We Want You To See When Your ISPs Do Tricks On You (Mashable)
Want to know if/when your ISP is shorting your broadband connection through network manipulation known as throttling? Google is working to give you what you need to determine those very things. So said the company’s senior policy director Richard Whitt earlier this week at a discussion at Santa Clara University. As quoted by Cade Metz of The Register, Whitt explained that Google is “trying to develop tools, software tools…that allow people to detect what’s happening with their broadband connections, so they can let [ISPs] know that they’re not happy with what they’re getting – that they think certain services are being tampered with.”

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