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Despite Coming Up Short, Obama Outspent Clinton almost Two-to-One
Where are the big headlines that Clinton won handily, despite being outspent by huge amounts?

Democrats split delegates
WASHINGTON—Sen. Barack Obama picked up five more delegates than Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in Mississippi’s Democratic primary Tuesday. But Clinton erased the gain Wednesday after final election results became available from a couple of Super Tuesday contests. In Mississippi, Obama won 19 delegates and Clinton 14, according to an analysis of returns by The Associated Press. Obama won the primary with more than 60 percent of the vote, according to unofficial returns. But Clinton was able to hold down Obama’s delegate gains by winning one of the state’s four congressional districts. Obama carried the other three. Clinton eliminated the gain when she picked up delegates based on final results from the New York primary and the Colorado caucuses, both of which were held Feb. 5. Clinton gained four delegates in Colorado and one delegate in New York.
Where are the big headlines about Clinton closing the gap?

Polls Indicate Serious Trouble for Obama in Pennsylvania and Beyond (by steve468 at MyDD)
Another poll has been released for March 12, which indicates that Obama is in serious jeapardy of losing Pennsylvania by significant margins in virtually every sector of the state on April 22. Polling by Triad Strategies, LLC, and Susquehanna Polling and Research has Hillary up by 14% and a subsequent poll released yesterday by SurveyUSA has her up by 19%… The poll also indicates that if Clinton were the nominee, Pennsylvania voters interviewed would go for Clinton by a slim, 47-44 margin over the apparent Republican nominee, U.S. Sen. John McCain of Arizona. If Obama is the Democratic standard-bearer, voters would give McCain a 45-41 advantage over the Illinois Senator. Like Ohio, Pennsylvania is a must win state for Democrats in November and Obama is very weak in both states pollig for November.

Anti-War Voters Trust McCain to Make Decisions About ‘War on Terror’ (by Ira Chernus, AlterNet)
We don’t know who will carry the Democrats’ banner onto the political battlefield this fall. But we do know the kind of attack the Dems will face. The McCain campaign has little in its arsenal beyond two words: “No Surrender” — no surrender anywhere, but especially in Iraq. Its strategy is merely to hurl that phrase over and over again, in every form imaginable. Can it work, with public opinion still so firmly against the war?… [P]olling numbers from late February and early March already show a … disturbing trend. A clear majority still think the war was a mistake. But when the question is which candidate will do best handling the war, McCain wins every time.

Democrats gear up for seven-game series (by Gene Lyons)
See, here’s the thing about sports fans: We know the rules, we know how the game’s scored, and we know it ain’t over until it’s over… A lead’s only a lead, sports fans, until the final out. Game 6 will be played in Pennsylvania, which strikes many Obama supporters as manifestly unfair… Pennsylvania, a must-win swing state for Democrats, is far more important—this year and every year. It’s also more important than a bunch of states that Obama has won—South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, North Dakota, etc. —so when the candidate himself, a Harvard Law graduate, talks about how he’s won more states than Clinton, he knows he’s blowing smoke. Giving you the old “Okie-Doke,” as he likes to tell black audiences.

Obama Campaign Uses Bush Tactics in Fundraising Email (by  D. Cupples at Buck Naked Politics)
[From an Obama campaign email:] “Over the weekend, an aide to Senator Clinton attempted to diminish the overwhelming number of contests we’ve won…’”… Long story short: Obama’s victories in the caucuses and primaries don’t really reflect how he would do in November if he were the nominee.  The Clinton Campaign would be remiss if it didn’t point that out.  Obama’s supporters may not like hearing such things, but those statements don’t constitute personal attacks against those supporters…Telling thousands of people that Sen. Clinton is attacking them (or their mamas) is as divisive as it is factually questionable. Thus, its a tad hypocritical for the email to accuse Clinton of “divisive campaigning.” Given that the get-them-to-take-it-personally tactic was used by George Bush, et. al. (circa 2001-2005), it’s equally hypocritical for the email writer to accuse Clinton of “using the same old Washington playbook.”
Where are the big headlines about Obama using Bush tactics?

Clinton: Obama’s losing key groups (Hot off the Trail, McClatchy Washington Bureau)
Hillary Clinton’s campaign has an interesting new memo noting how Barack Obama is losing ground among key voting blocs… “In the last two weeks,” the memo says, “Barack Obama has lost ground among men, women, Democrats, independents and Republicans – all of which point to a candidacy past its prime.”… The Clinton campaign noted similar drops among women, Democrats and Republicans in selected contests. Without explanation, the Clinton campaign skipped Obama’s lower support among whites. For the record, Obama won 42 percent of the white vote in Maryland, and 52 percent in both Virginia and Wisconsin. In more recent contests, his white support was 26 percent in Mississippi, 38 percent in Ohio and 44 percent in Texas.
Gee, I wonder why Clinton skipped any reference to STATISTICS THAT COUNT VOTERS BY RACE?

Is it 3 a.m. at Klan Headquarters? (by Debra Dickerson , Mother Jones)
Orlando Patterson argues in to [Tuesday's] New York Times that there’s a racial subtext to Clinton’s 3 a.m. ad. I didn’t see it before and I’m not so sure I do now. But I don’t dismiss Patterson—one of my intellectual guide stars—lightly… Andrew Sullivan, for one, is persuaded that the ad is subliminally aimed at Latina and white women and that they fear black men in the night… Clinton still hasn’t regained my trust after her and Bubba’s race-baiting leading up to and including South Carolina, so I’m a lot more open to this interpretation than I would have otherwise been. More, Patterson argues that, before 3 a.m., people who voted for Obama, after the ad, they voted for Clinton. The causal connection seems a little attenuated, but it’s worth wondering; is Clinton still playing the race card against Obama? Against America?
My comment, which still has not been posted: So, if Paul Krugman, Kevin Drum, Bob Somerby, and Jeff Jarvis, none of whom is a racist or an alarmist, all think that Orlando Patterson and Andrew Sullivan have gone off the deep end, does that make THEM right?  It’s four to two, after all. The progressive world has gone completely insane.

Oh, and the South Carolina race baiting came from the Obama campaign, not the Clinton campaign.

Keith Olbermann is No Edward R. Murrow (Taylor Marsh)
[Tuesday] night on “Countdown” Keith Olbermann announced he would do a “special comment” pontificating about the Clinton campaign… As if this race needed more stoking of the fires, Olbermann [said] “…are we living in South Africa?”
South Africa? Using the apartheid card against Hillary Clinton. Mr. Olbermann evidently is taking his cue from Orlando Patterson. It would be nice if either of these men were correct on their facts.  Seriously, would Clinton have the female support she has today if she weren’t a woman? Being African American is only part of the Obama quotient, however, it is part of it… [Y]ou’d think someone in the network would remind Mr. Olbermann that the woman he’s been bashing for weeks and announced he would take out after tonight is breaking yet another barrier, as is her opponent, with the acrimonies of this battle actually having roots in American history.
Facts be damned, Taylor, Clinton was forced into a Soviet-style, show-trial apology.

Clinton Apologizes to Black Voters
Sen. Hillary Clinton, who is in a tight race with Sen. Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination, struck several sorry notes at an evening forum sponsored by the National Newspaper Publishers Association, a group of more than 200 black community newspapers across the country.

Psst!–Ferraro Was Right (by Mickey Kaus, Slate)
If Obama’s Face Were … : Here’s Andrew Sullivan in his big, widely applauded Atlantic piece making the case for Barack Obama: “What does he offer? First and foremost: his face. Think of it as the most effective potential re-branding of the United States since Reagan. Such a re-branding is not trivial—it’s central to an effective war strategy… The next president has to create a sophisticated and supple blend of soft and hard power to isolate the enemy, to fight where necessary, but also to create an ideological template that works to the West’s advantage over the long haul. There is simply no other candidate with the potential of Obama to do this. Which is where his face comes in.”… If you like Obama because he might “rebrand” America to the world–well, he wouldn’t accomplish that simply by having his election televised, as Sullivan suggests he would, if he were white, would he? Or think in purely domestic terms. If Obama were white, he wouldn’t embody hopes of a post-racial future. Duh! That’s part of his appeal. It seems obvious. Why does Obama dispute it? Why isn’t Ferraro allowed to acknowledge it? Is it OK for Obama’s “face” to appeal to egghead Atlantic subscribers but not ordinary Wyoming caucusers? Or was Sullivan being “offensive”" and “ridiculous” too?

Nicholas Kristof Clutches the Pearls (by dcmediagirl at No Quarter)
[Nicholas Kristof has just discovered] that right wing lunatics populate the airwaves, expressing almost comically demented, hysterically bigoted points of view about Barack Obama: “The whispering campaigns allege that Mr. Obama is a secret Muslim planning to impose Islamic law on the country. Incredibly, he is even accused – in earnest! – of being the Antichrist.”… Where was Nicholas Kristoff during the Republican primaries in South Carolina in 2000?  During Max Cleland’s 2002 bid for reelection?  During the 2004 Swift Boat/John Kerry is French smearapalooza?  Does Nicholas Kristoff really believe we’ve seen the worst of this campaign season?… The closer we get to November being called the Antichrist will seem like a tickling competition.
What will happen when the right wingers start pounding Obama on things like his Rezko relationship?

Irrefutable Proof Obama’s Own District Was Home to 11 Rezko Foreclosed Properties (by susanhu, aka SusanUnPC, at MyDD)
Eleven Rezmar buildings were in the state Senate district Obama represented between 1996 and 2004. Many of the buildings ended up in foreclosure, with tenants living in squalid conditions, the Sun-Times reported last year. In one instance, Rezko’s company left tenants without heat for five weeks. Obama said he was unaware of problems with the buildings and minimized the legal work he’d done. — From the Chicago Sun-Times via District 299 The Chicago Schools Blog.
Click through for much, much more, including videos.

Beware of White Men Bearing Gifts (James Wolcott, Vanity Fair)
Conservative pundits slammed Hillary early and hard, exploiting every opportunity to widen the racial divide among Democrats… It is possible, of course, that their hatred of the Clintons was all that drove these right-wing pundits in their early targeting of Hillary, but it’s more likely that they were collectively so confident of beating the black guy in November that they became his unofficial advance team… With their lipless smiles and lidless eyes, conservative connivers don’t even bother to disguise their duplicity, so proud and gleeful are they of their little tricks. And why shouldn’t they be, when so many liberal bloggers and pundits are ready to fall for them?

‘DC Madam’ comments on Spitzer scandal 12 Mar 2008 Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the so-called DC Madam, shared her thoughts on the Spitzer scandal with CLG’s Lori Price on Wednesday. Ms. Palfrey said, “Without question in my mind, escort and adult service businesses – which cater to high-powered and influential clients – are being used as the new weapon of choice in American politics. It is the latest hunting ground.”

THE FABULIST BAKER BOY: (by Bob Somerby at The Daily Howler)
It’s been a good week for bad journalism. First, that ludicrous column by Professor Inkblot (more below). Then, today’s wonderfully comical “news report” by the Post’s sad Peter Baker. And yes, this is a “news report.” It isn’t on the Post’s op-ed page; it doesn’t bear an “Analysis” tag. This is Baker’s attempt to “report” the fall-out for Hillary Clinton’s campaign of Eliot Spitzer’s recent troubles. The comedy starts in paragraph 3. In that paragraph, Baker reports what “some” have thought—what they “could not help but” think: “… of Hillary Clinton’s own stand-by-her-man moment.”
Meanwhile, most Americans don’t know how many of our military have died in Iraq.  See below.

Pew Poll Finds Americans Unsure of Iraq Death Toll
Can the press, and the downturn in Iraq coverage, be blamed? Only 28 percent correctly said that about 4,000 Americans have died in the war — the correct estimate — according to a survey by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center. One in ten said 2,000.

CNN fails to disclose sex-scandal pundit’s interesting past
Miami’s Kendall Coffey was identified on CNN as “a former U.S. attorney,” without any reference to how he achieved his former-ness, notes Glenn Garvin. He reminds his readers (and CNN) that Coffey had to resign in 1996 after biting a dancer during the process of running up a $900 bill at a strip club.

Hoekstra: American mental health at risk without PAA. (Think Progress)
House Republicans are so intent on forcing through the Senate-approved surveillance bill “that they’ve tried to attach it to some strange vehicles,” including “an unrelated mental health parity bill (HR 1424).” Attempting to justify this move, Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-MI) was forced to stretch logic: “This bill is intended to ensure the mental health of Americans; yet, no American’s health can be fully secured if they are under attack by a terrorist or facing the potential threat of terrorist attack.”

Appalling Spread of False Information Requires Stronger Media Accountability (by Mark Weisbrot, AlterNet)
The mass media has become one of the most important obstacles to social and economic progress in the 21st century.

Media Matters for America headlines

CNN again raised issue of tax records without noting that McCain has not released his

CNN report on McCain trip to Middle East ignored misleading claims from previous trip

After saying she “hold[s] women accountable” when their husbands “stray[],” Schlessinger returned twice to Today in same morning

Limbaugh sketch repeated false claim that Rep. Frank “let a prostitution ring be run out of” his “home”

Wash. Post’s Quinn suggested “personal ambition” led Clinton and Silda Wall Spitzer to “stand by her man” because “there was something in it for her”

Hume joins other media in ignoring McCain’s failure to commit to tax return release

AP reported McCain attacks on Dems’ threats to withdraw from NAFTA, ignored his own 2000 ABM Treaty threat

After blasting press for yukking it up with “the people they’re charged with covering,” will Matthews challenge Russert on Gridiron dinner?

Lee Enterprises: A Fraction Of Its Former Self; 31 Positions Cut At St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Paid Content)
Newspaper publisher Lee Enterprises touched a fresh 52-week low today, and its market cap stands at around $440 million. A little perspective: Just over three years ago, it purchased publisher Pulitzer Inc. for $1.46 billion. That means the value of the combined chains is worth less than a third of what Pulitzer alone was deemed to be worth at the time. Today’s drop follows news that the Lee-owned St. Louis Post-Dispatch will eliminate 31 jobs, according to the paper itself. The message from management is that the cuts are necessary to accommodate for the weak economy and the bad ad market. It looks like cuts will be made everywhere but editorial.

XM’s Lee Abrams Moves To Tribune Co.
Lee Abrams, the creative heart and soul of XM Satellite Radio since its 1998 founding in Washington, is leaving to help retool the Tribune Co. Abrams, 55, will be the chief innovation officer for Tribune, based in his hometown of Chicago, the company said today. In the newly created job, Abrams will attempt to create new media strategies and business plans for the company’s newspapers, television stations and online properties, Tribune said.

Sirius CEO hopeful of FCC decision by end of March
PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) – Sirius Satellite Radio Inc Chief Executive Mel Karmazin said on Wednesday he hoped U.S. regulators would rule by the end of March on the proposed merger of Sirius and XM Satellite Radio Inc. Speaking at the Bear Stearns 21st Annual Media Conference, Karmazin said he “took heart” about recent comments by U.S. Federal Communication Commission Chairman Kevin Martin, who indicated that his agency aimed to rule on the deal by the end of March.

CBS Says Yes to Multiplatforms, No to Shrimp
NEW YORK ( — Looks like the shrimp cocktail at this year’s upfront will be as scarce as this year’s network ad inventory. CBS is canceling its popular annual party at New York’s Tavern on the Green. The event — which always made plentiful shrimp one of its attractions — has long been a mainstay of “upfront week,” those four days in May when the big broadcast networks tout their coming fall schedules to advertisers. While CBS will still hold its presentation at Carnegie Hall, the network will focus on all its media assets, not just its network-TV schedule, said Leslie Moonves, CBS Corp.’s CEO, during a presentation to investors at an event hosted by Bear Stearns this week. “The upfront is going to be somewhat different this year. It is a truncated development season with less costs associated with it because of the [writers] strike,” Mr. Moonves said.

Sumner Redstone:We Got What We Wanted From CBS, Viacom Split
NEW YORK -(Dow Jones)- Two years after he split apart his CBS Corp. (CBS) and Viacom Inc. (VIA, VIAB), Sumner Redstone said Wednesday he’s happy with the transaction, which he sees as a model for other companies… Redstone, who is the controlling shareholder of both CBS and Viacom, pulled the companies apart at the beginning of 2006. Viacom was given MTV and other cable networks expected to be faster-growth. CBS, with its television network and radio stations, was expected to grow more slowly but be focused on cash returns to shareholders. The stock price result from the split, however, is less rosy.

Iger: Computer Replacing TV as Primary Entertainment Source
Disney President and CEO: Social Media Not a Fad, Broadband ‘Will Be the Primary Source of Entertainment’

DirecTV Testing VOD Capability Via DVR Storage (Paid Content)
DirecTV hopes a mix of DVRs and broadband will solve its problems serving video on demand, taking a competitive edge away from cable, Verizon and AT&T… DirecTV says the storage would be on space not usually accessible to subscribers. The company already downloads material to DVRs every night, usually trailers, promos or ads that show up in its Showcases area… The potential for delivery glitches via broadband also could come into play. DirecTV will allow downloads before viewing.

TiVo, YouTube to deliver videos to TVs
TiVo users will be able to watch YouTube clips on their televisions by year’s end, TiVo Inc. said Wednesday.

New Sales Program Pays Facebook Members
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Facebook Inc.’s popular online hangout so far has proven to be a better place for promoting fun and games than peddling products. But a new application aims to inject more commerce into the social playground by paying Facebook members who help merchants sell to their friends.

Hulu’s Ads Aim to Engage, Not Annoy, Web Viewers
OMD Signs as Agency Partner Through End of ’08

Despite Dominance By A Few, Independent Ad Networks Can Continue To Rise: Report (Paid Content)
With Google’s $3.1 billion acquisition of DoubleClick closed this week, it might seem like there’s no room for smaller ad networks. But a white paper by media investment bank DeSilva & Phillips—Ad Networks: Monetizing The Long Tail—says that there is still a valuable space for independent ad nets to fill, at least for the moment. D+P posits that the value is available through the Long Tail, which allows ad nets to gather up sites with traffic that was previously too difficult to advertise on or which was otherwise undesirable. In other words, there’s still a lot of web space to advertise on and even Google, not to mention Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL, can’t serve it all.

Google Launching Free Ad Servicing Platform; Separate From DoubleClick (Paid Content)
A day after Google closed its acquisition of DoubleClick, Google is announcing the launch of a news and free ad serving system called Ad Manager. Rumors that Google has been working on an ad serving platform that ties in all its online ad services have been circulating from much before the company announced it was buying DoubleClick…now it is testing it with a limited number of publishers, reports WSJ. Publishers using Ad Manager would allow Google to serve up ads on their unsold inventory, and thus Google will get a rev share on those ads. Thankfully, this is not a requirement and publishers can choose to serve any third party ads they want.

AOL Launches Paperless Coupons Service
NEW YORK (AP) – AOL wants you to stop clipping coupons or even printing them out. The company is launching a new service, Shortcuts, for manufacturers to distribute coupons on the Internet. Instead of clipping them out of your newspaper insert, you can simply choose the ones you want online and add them to an account tied to a grocery store’s loyalty program. To redeem those coupons, you simply present your loyalty card at the register. The program is free for consumers and retail chains, while manufacturers pay to have their coupons listed. Charges will be based on how many get selected and redeemed.

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