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Readers' Comments on Neutron Jack

Added 10/26/01


Mr. Charlie Rose:

I like to start by telling you I hold a great respect for your program and the focus you apply to many interesting issues.

An interesting coincidence is that yesterday, the same day you presented your interview with Jack Welch, I had just finished reading the article called "Democracy General Electric Style" (which you can see as the fourth part in a series in the link below)


where a whole new look on what seems to be the shady  side of Mr. Welch is presented.

As you introduced Mr. Welch last night, is the image of a man who had achieved levels of development as a CEO of nearly superstar status I had from other writings in the past.   If I hadn't read this other perspective on him merely a few hours before, I would have been at awe, believing everything that was said, keeping Jack Welch in the pedestal I had already enthroned him on.

But interestingly enough, having  had the opportunity of enlightenment, Mr. Welch's words and point of view fitted closely with the description made of him in that article, of a man whose priority is unidimensional  by the way he sees his responsibilities as a CEO in control of 350 billion Corporation.

You as a journalist, and a good one, should be seeing red lights flashing when a powerful man like him should be owning the news outfit where you and any other true reporters who by definition are the seekers of the truth, and no other thing, are under his control.

As was clear by his answers when you questioned him about the responsibilities to society of any successful CEO, Jack Welch only sees his priority with the company.    He went on about the amount of money GE gives to United Way and other foundations, but in his mind, it is in The Company (and its shareholders) where his allegiances are.

Charlie Rose, at a time when Corporations are becoming so immersed into the inner workings of governments ( I know he emphatically denied it ) it is frankly, for you to practice "Hara Kiri"  if as a journalist you promote the wrong image of a guy who is a lot more sinister than he likes to show ( especially if you are an honest journalist)

I don't know how to put this, but if it is true what that article is saying ( and by the way the media acted during the last elections. it is clearly the case ) then the future of Democracy as we pretend to uphold it, is in grave danger.

It is you guys, the journalists who spend all their working hours researching and uncovering the truth who WE depend on for our food for thought.    Without the healthy ingredients, these people are poisoning our minds and making a mockery of what we call freedom.

We, the many millions of people who are constantly trying to feed our brains with the truth, so that democracy grows and flourishes, depend on you and your colleagues to give us the nutrients we need as individuals and as a nation.

Jack Welch and the CEO's of this world like him are good for society as long as they don't get their noses into politics.   When they try to apply their narrow wavelength frame of mind into the inner workings of government, then it's no difference as if an Army General tried to apply his capacities as a soldier on a civil government.   It doesn't work.   If that was the case, then General Macarthur would have been free to drop the Atomic bomb in China during the Korean war.   Instead, as it should, he got the boot in his behind and as popular as he was at the time, he was not allowed to usurp the common sense orders of a civilian politician, Harry Truman.

The Bush Gang, (together with the Gang of Five in the Supreme Court who "elected them"), are now openly selling the truth  to the best bidder ( as you can see in the following article)

Broadcasters Face Prospect of Takeovers

The more these CEOs own more media, the less competition and the less diversity in points of view citizens will have access to.   Even now after the clear dirty tricks used to "win" the last elections, there are so few decent journalists who are saying much about it.   The question is what's the difference with a Banana Republic?

The Truth should not be for sale.   the Media is too serious a business to leave to mere corporate zealots.   The laws that existed to keep corporations from owning more than one medium in the same city should stay and perhaps reinforce it.

We're gambling the future of mankind otherwise.


I'm glad you're posting the transcript of the Jack Welch interview with Charlie Rose.  I stumbled upon it last night, so I didn't get to see the whole thing.

Its one thing to read the trasnscript, but actually seeing it was something to behold.  At one point Rose looked as if he was disgusted with who was sitting before him.  Welch appears to be a man without a soul.  He is truly the Darth Vader of corporate America.

To think that he is working as a consultant for other unnamed companies is scary.


It actually reads even worse than it sounded: self-cleaning rivers, like other chimeras, are a sight to behold. Is there anything he won't lie about?

JACK WELCH: GE is totally for clean rivers. GE believes to its toes -- at least it did till the day I retired. Now I'm not speaking for GE, but I'm telling you the position we held during my time there.

We believe that disrupting a river that has cleansed itself 90 percent since they made a decision in '84 by government not to dredge because it was environmentally unsound, has improved by 90 percent. To go in there and remove eight billion pounds of mud by chasing molecules in a river where you can swim, where you can drink, where the fish and where the birds are coming back.

Let me tell you the risk assessment, EPA's risk assessment on fish, eating fish from the Hudson. Now eating fish is banned from the Hudson right now. But if you did eat fish, if you ate a meal of fish a week for 52 weeks a year, for the next 40 years, the probability of you getting cancer -- the probability, the possibility of getting cancer -- would increase by one in a thousand, Charlie.

Now to do that, you'll dredge for the next 10 years and you won't take out things as discreet as this. You'll take out parts per million. You're dealing now with five parts per million, you'll take it down to two.

CHARLIE ROSE: Do I hear you saying that we took the position that we did about dredging the Hudson River because we believed it was not good for the river, not because we didn't think it was good for GE?

JACK WELCH: We absolutely did not take it for the-- we took it because it was not right for the river. And the people up river who would be the victims of this dredging proposal, by a three-to-one margin, don't want it done.

CHARLIE ROSE: Then why are all these environmentalists and my friend over-- Bill Moyers so upset with you.

JACK WELCH: 'Cause you all live down here. You all sit and talk to each other. And you all think--



You all think that-- New York intelligentsia. 

CHARLIE ROSE: Wait a minute.

Why do you you-all, you-all, you-all?

JACK WELCH: New York intelligentsia feels better to say that.

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