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Barack Obama has disrespected us all


NOTE TO DOUBTERS:  How can you possibly believe it is just coincidence that Obama had exactly the same itch at exactly the same location, scratched with exactly the same finger, at the exact same spot in the same speech, AT TWO DIFFERENT RALLIES?

When Barack Obama gave Hillary Clinton the finger at a speech the Thursday before the Pennsylvania primary, he didnít just demean himself, he demeaned us all.  If our political process boils down to rap style disrespect of women, it also disrespects the process.  And that means flipping the bird to all of us.

Crazed Obama fans insist that he didnít mean to do that, but the reaction of the crowd, and his own smugness at what he had done, tell the whole story.  Not only that, he did it at more than one rally.  Watch this video.  The still below is from this video.

Oh, and by the way, how is it Hillary Clinton's fault that Obama was finally asked some tough questions during the ABC debate?  And how will this kind of campaigning be transformative of the political process?  How will Obama unify us all after he has so skillfully divided us?

The still below is from the other rally.  Where is the man in the orange shirt?  Where is the woman wearing a dress with straps?


Update on 2/20/09:  He did the same thing to John McCain.

Carolyn Kay

Last changed: December 13, 2009