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Won’t you make a red district blue?


by Carolyn Kay

Ned Lamont’s win in the Connecticut senatorial primary was a great victory for Internet activists.  Let’s enjoy it for a moment, and then get right back to work.  We have many more victories to arrange over the next 2-1/2 months, so let’s use the energy generated by Tuesday night’s good news to do more.  To win more.  To take back the Congress and to take back our country from the right wingers who have stolen it.

One candidate who needs our help is Tony Trupiano, running for Congress in Michigan’s 11th District.  Tony is a true blue progressive, and is exactly the kind of candidate we of the netroots want to put in office.  And he can win—BUT ONLY IF WE WILL HELP!  Tony has shared with me the results of his recent internal polling, and here are some of the highlights:

[Tony’s opponent] McCotter’s re-elect number was just below 47%. Any incumbent under 50% is considered in trouble…


The District is divided 50-50 with Democrat and Republican ids. This was unexpected and a great number as usually the district has at least a 5% Republican tilt…


Bush’s approval ratings are dismal, with almost 40% of respondents giving him a “one” or “two” on a scale of 1-10 (with one being the lowest)…


This poll proves that this is a winnable race, as we’ve known from the beginning.  It is the only winnable race in Michigan…

Tony was a radio talk show host for years, and helped many progressives promote their books, their websites, and their candidacies.  Now it’s time for us to return the favor.

We can’t help every Congressional candidate, but it certainly makes sense to help those who are likely to turn a red district blue.  So let’s get cracking!

If you can contribute, go to one of the links below.  If you have a media platform, interview Tony.  Put him on the air.  Write about him.  He’s a good man, and could be the next big success of the Internet.

Contribute at Tony’s website or at ActBlue.  Do it today.  Right now.  This minute.


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Last changed: December 13, 2009