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Love and hugs in the blogosphere


Carolyn Kay

Jane Hamsher recently published on her website, Firedoglake, a hit piece on Ana Marie Cox, formerly Wonkette and now a blogger for Time Magazine.  It was entirely personal and entirely beside the point we are trying to make in our efforts to fight the right-wing takeover of our country.

Here’s a short excerpt:

At one point during our FDL caucus on the first day of the [YearlyKos] convention, Ana Marie Cox was standing out in the hallway with Byron York and Pach hailed them inside.  York came in and sat down, but as Wankette teetered through the crowd on a pair of spindly legs shown to ill-effect in a set of shorts I’d seen on the markdown rack at Barneys (others wisely having steered clear), she looked like some self-fashioned Marie Antoinette afraid that the unwashed masses were going to mob her.  After that the only place I ever saw her was in the media room, safely protected from the dirty horde.  Tap tap tap, intrepid girl journalist, where’s that guy from the Weekly Standard.

Her previous career may have been launched by a wilingness to coarsen political discourse by talking about the things she inserted into her rectum, but at Time she seems to have changed positions.  TBogg alerts us this morning that her new stint seems to be on her knees…

Read the whole post, if this sort of thing is your bag..

This is the comment I posted:

Jane, you’re wonderful when you stick to the facts and the mangling thereof by the media and by the employees of the right-wing elites.

Please don’t descend to this kind of hateful, spiteful, and ultimately silly trashing. It does no one any good.

There’s some delay, apparently, in messages being posted on her blog, so I posted another message questioning whether I was being censored.  There are message boards that censor comments critical of the establishment, so I wasn’t off base in asking.  The comment then appeared, and I apologized in another comment.

This was Jane’s reply:

Carolyn Kay — you regularly spam my email with your loony conspiracy theories so I suppose it’s no surprise to see you show up here and launch another one. Nobody is censoring you. Now start taking your meds again and leave us alone.

Oddly enough, I was just reading Glenn Greenwald’s criticism of Instapundit—that Reynolds purposely lies to marginalize people whose views he doesn’t like.  I just don’t see how Jane’s response is any different from the writings of the right-wing crazies we are fighting so hard to push out of their position of power.  It doesn’t make me very comfortable to think that once we reduce their power we’ll get the same kind of craziness, just from the other side.

You are on the mailing list that Jane was once on, so you can decide for yourself whether or not  I send out conspiracy theories.  She asked several months ago to be taken off the mailing list, and I took her off.  It was a simple as that.  But Jane doesn’t like to be criticized, so she uses the same tactics as the hate speakers of the right to skewer those who disagree with her.  Which is a shame, because we can learn a lot from criticism.  And because hate speech, no matter how artfully phrased, is not what’s going to help progressives win elections.

“Coarsen political discourse”, indeed.

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