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Carolyn Kay

My friends Shelly and Anita received two tickets to go to a private dinner with Bill Clinton while he was here in Chicago promoting his book and campaigning for John Kerry.  Shelly didnít want to go, so I GOT TO GO!!!

Anita told him about my website,

Me, Bill Clinton, Anita

I told him Iím the ďotherĒ Raginí Cajun.

He said he just spent some time with James Carville at another fundraising event for Kerry in Las Vegas, and he asked me where Iím from in Louisiana.

I told him Iím from Lake Charles, a couple of hundred miles due south of Hope, Arkansas.

He said he knows exactly where Lake Charles is.

David Wilhelm, former head of the Democratic National Committee, spoke.

President Clinton said that John Kerry has both the temperament and the intellect to make a good president.  He thinks we Democrats are going to win in November, but it could be close.  Many of us may need to volunteer to help in swing states.

A few people asked questions.  To Clintonís right is Senator Dick Durbin.  Behind Clinton is a candidate for Congress, Melissa Bean.  At the far left of the picture is Roger Ebertís wife Chaz.

The setup wasnít conducive to book signing, but Anita managed to get me a signed napkin while Clinton was scarfing down Pizzeria Uno pizza in a side room.  No fancy steak for him!  Anita says he ate what was provided for the staff.  My napkin reads:

To Carolyn Kay
with thanks
Bill Clinton

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