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Keep off this subject, men!  Unless youíre willing to accept full responsibility.

Message from Amelia Core Jenkins

A Plea for Men to Stay Out of the Abortion Question

With the possible exception of Mary Christ, no woman has ever gotten pregnant without sperm. Only men can produce sperm. A scant spoonful of sperm is the total contribution a man can make to the creation of human life. Men cannot incubate and produce humans. Menís sperm causes unwanted pregnancies.

Since men control womenís rights to decide whether a hastily ejaculated spoonful of sperm will result in human life or not, I suggest that an Amendment to the United States Constitution be passed requiring the infant of any woman refused abortion to be reared by its father and that its rearing be monitored constantly by the courts. If the father refuses his legal responsibility or mishandles it, then he would be imprisoned, sentenced to hard labor, until the child is eighteen. A part of the same new law would require that a lottery be held which would award the unwanted, rejected infant, child, or teenager to a lucky anti-abortionist. The new amendment would be called the "Right to Life Reality Lottery Ė RLRL -, "Real Real" for short. The winners of the rejected children would be selected haphazardly by lottery. Real Real, the law, would require acceptance of the prize and full responsibility for its rearing, medical care, etc. by the winner regardless of the infant or child is deformed, diseased, malnourished, brain-damaged, blind, retarded, emotionally disturbed, "perfect" or whether the anti-abortionist wants it or is fit to rear it to responsible maturity.

The numbers of unwanted, abused, unloved, under-educated, unsupervised children grow daily. I propose Real Real as a solution. There are two alternatives to Real Real. We would pass an amendment to the Constitution requiring that all men wear chastity snoods 24 hours a day. They would be removed temporarily for three days a year after sufficient proof of the individual manís willingness to accept full responsibility for potential life were submitted to women judges guided be strict standards. The other alternative is to pass an amendment to the Constitution, which would make abortion readily available and free to all women without restrictions.

It is important for every person to remember that sperm makes women pregnant and that only pregnant women seek abortions.


Sadly, pitifully, I must TELL you that this is a satire.  Reality is apparently so insane nowadays that we can't discern fact from fiction.  I'm afraid that if any modernized Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal" today, people would really think he meant the rich should eat the babies of the poor.

Carolyn Kay