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Trying to destroy Hillary, Cont’d

McCarthy’s comments on Benghazi probe may be a political gift to Clinton

(Washington Post‎) [T]he likely next House speaker, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), [said] that the taxpayer-funded Benghazi investigation was politically motivated…

McCarthy boasted in two television interviews on Tuesday that the committee’s work already had achieved a desired result: Clinton’s decline in the polls.

Nevertheless, you can’t keep a good woman down. – Caro:

Clinton Maintains Big Lead in Democratic Race

(Political Wire) A new USA Today/Suffolk University poll finds Hillary Clinton continues to lead the Democratic field with 41% — a double-digit drop in two months — followed by Bernie Sanders at 23% and Joe Biden at 20%.

But there’s GOT to be BAD NEWS, right? Yep, here it is. – Caro:

Asked for a single word that describes each contender, the most frequent response for Clinton was “liar/dishonest,” followed by “untrustworthy/fake.” For Sanders, the most frequent response was “socialist” and the second most frequent “favorable/good.”

My comment – Caro:

JOE BIDEN IS NOT A CANDIDATE! He shouldn’t be included in these polls, and if he weren’t, Hillary would still be above 50%. And it’s just beyond me how she could be “most frequently” described as liar/dishonest but still be in the lead. I think this is another bogus poll like the Quinnipiac one debunked here -

One more stupid report like this, Taegan, and I’m outta here.

What Impact Has Email-Gate Had on the Clinton Campaign?

Hillary Approval

(Jim Fawcette) Interesting discussion on 538. Short version: If you filter out the media histrionics, Hillary’s favorability with Democrats is extremely stable per Gallup. Now, if you’re on cable news, you can pick a point in the last few months and talk about a precipitous fall, but look at the chart. As for the drip-drip-drip effect, one commenter says the media is negative about her and would have picked something else if it didn’t have the email — criticizing the Foundation, paid speeches, Benghazi (again), who knows Whitewater…

The discussion on my local NBC station Thursday morning was about a number of phishing messages being received on Hillary’s personal server, and how much DANGER there would have been if one of the attachments had been CLICKED and some VIRUS had taken over the machine. I tweeted a response – Caro:

@Zoraidasambolin @HillaryClinton How many phishing attacks were mounted against Dept of State email servers during the same time?

— Carolyn Kay (@ManyYearsYoung) October 1, 2015

Clinton’s Email Woes Pile Up

(Political Wire)  “About two months of emails from the start of Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state are missing, and federal officials haven’t been able to recover them,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“An archive of records that Mrs. Clinton, the Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential front-runner, turned over to the State Department doesn’t begin until March 18, 2009, though she took office as secretary of state in late January of that year. The missing emails raise more questions about her stewardship of official documents during her tenure and whether there is a complete record of the early diplomatic efforts of President Barack Obama’s administration.”

Politico: “The controversy over Hillary Clinton’s use of personal email while she was secretary of state is showing no signs of easing, as the number of messages now deemed classified doubled with the State Department’s latest release and as more details emerged about the potential vulnerability of her account.”

My comment – Caro:

STOP WITH THE EMAIL STUFF, ALREADY! I can see from your recent posts that you’re a Bernie supporter, Taegan, and that’s just fine. I have nothing against Bernie, but I’m getting a really bad feeling about some of his supporters.

The problem is that by promoting these right-wing attacks on Hillary you’re helping to depress the potential Democratic vote next November when she’s the nominee. And that will mean fewer Democrats sent to Congress, lessening the chances of getting any progressive initiatives passed.

If that’s your purpose, then say so. But you’re on the verge of losing a whole lotta Democratic readers if you keep this up.

Does anyone remember the Bush 43 email controversy? – Caro


Another fraudulent story: The headline seems quite striking, at first glance – Emails: Russia-linked hackers tried to access Clinton server. Those who do not read past the headlines will have more fuel for their mindless Clinton-hate. Those who read the actual text will learn the truth: That email account received several deceptive “click on this attachment” messages from hackers.

MOST email accounts gets those things. You get them. I get them. Our accounts are all filled with viruses waiting to be activated.

Most of the time, those deceptive messages end up in the spam filter. Since Hillary’s account was on a private server, the spam remains on the machine. Examiners found them, and now everyone is making a big deal out of bullshit.

There is no evidence that Hillary or anyone else ever clicked on those attachments.

One other point: It is clear that the hackers did not know that they were targeting an account used by Hillary Clinton. The hackers disguised the viral payload in an email which pretended to be about unpaid traffic tickets. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if a million people got that one. (Hillary does not do her own driving, a fact easily obtainable via Google.)…

By the way: You can be pretty damned sure that every political figure, Republican and Democrat, makes private use of one or more email accounts. You can also be pretty damned sure that these accounts have deceptive (and virus-laden) emails from bad guys lurking somewhere in the spam folders.

What happened to Hillary happens to everyone.

So, is it any wonder that

Americans’ Trust in Media Remains at Historical Low

(Gallup) Four in 10 Americans say they have “a great deal” or “a fair amount” of trust and confidence in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately and fairly. This ties the historical lows on this measure set in 2014 and 2012. Prior to 2004, slight majorities of Americans said they trusted the mass media, such as newspapers, TV and radio.

Swap Couch for a Walk to Avoid an Early Death

Carolyn Kay New posts at Many Years Young 10/2/15

Swap Couch for a Walk to Avoid an Early Death

For seniors, hearing trouble linked to greater risk of death

US startups aim to help seniors ‘age in place’

Mobile Robots Could Help the Elderly Live Fuller Lives, Experts Say

Plus lots more.

Negative Spiritual Beliefs Associated With More Pain and Worse Physical, Mental Health

New posts at Many Years Young 10/1/15

Negative Spiritual Beliefs Associated With More Pain and Worse Physical, Mental Health

Yoga May Help RA, OA Patients Get Moving

Walking while working may ease muscle pain

Dance That Pain Away

Plus lots more.

Attempts to bring her down ain’t working

Is Hillary Clinton getting taller? Or is the Internet getting dumber?

Hillary's Height

(Jay Mathews, Washington Post) In the flood of reporting on the presidential candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton, amid the e-mails, polling data, classified documents and position papers, no one seems to have noticed a medical miracle at the center of the campaign.

The candidate appears to be getting taller.

Clinton on email controversy: a ‘drip, drip, drip’ of revelations

(Reuters‎) Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said on Sunday the politically damaging “drip, drip, drip” of revelations about her use of a private email server is out of her control and she is unsure when the controversy might end…

Clinton compared criticism about her use of private email instead of a government account while she was secretary of state to the flood of controversies and Republican-led investigations that marked the presidency of her husband Bill Clinton in the 1990s.

“I have been involved from the receiving side in a lot of these accusations,” Clinton said. “In fact as you might remember during the 90s there were a bunch of them. All of them turned out to be not true.”

Media Matters: Fox’s Andrew Napolitano Pushes Debunked Myths That Some Clinton Emails Were Automatically Classified

The NY Times Lies Again about Hillary: How Many Media Screw-Ups Before She Gets an Apology?

( Unbelievably, the New York Times has stepped in it yet again. The corporate media’s coverage of the 2016 election is quickly becoming a national disgrace, turning the riveting prospect of the first woman president into a verbal gang-assault of ugly and epic proportions. We reiterate our call for an apology by the media, both to Hillary and to the American public.

Reality Check: “Working families like mine don’t give a damn about Hillary’s emails”

( While the media and commentariat assail Hillary Clinton’s character by seizing on abstruse details of email servers, there are millions of Americans who don’t give a damn about her emails and who worry about paying their bills. Millions of those Americans love and support Hillary. Following are three stories from among millions that illustrate how Hillary inspires her supporters.

Benghazi Probe Is Now Longest In Congressional History

(Political Wire) The House committee investigating the Benghazi attacks “is now the longest congressional investigation in history,” ABC News reports.

“As of Monday, the House Select Committee on Benghazi, has been active for 72 weeks — surpassing the record previously held by the Watergate Committee in the 1970’s.”

House Republicans look to draft Benghazi-obsessed congressman as new majority leader

(The Raw Story) The US congressman who is leading the public inquiry against Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server could continue his rambunctious rise to Washington power, if a drafting effort by the Republican far right succeeds in the wake of John Boehner’s shock resignation.

Trey Gowdy, the South Carolina representative and chair of the House select committee on Benghazi, has been the thorn in the side of the former secretary and current White House frontrunner – and has forced her to testify before him next month.

Now, hard-line conservatives like those who drove Boehner to step down as House speaker last week are recruiting the fiery former prosecutor to take his crusades up a notch: as Republican majority leader in the House of Representatives.

Will he or won’t he?

Exclusive: Joe Biden backers hiring staff in more states in hopes of 2016 run

(Reuters) A group of Joe Biden supporters trying to build momentum for a White House run by the vice president is hiring paid staff in about a dozen crucial primary states…

Draft Biden doesn’t have a firm number for how many staff in total it will hire in those states, said Josh Alcorn, a senior advisor to the group, but the recruitment process is under way.

I’ll BET they don’t have a firm number. They’re trying to entice him to run, so that they’ll continue to have jobs. That’s what our consultant class has come to. – Caro

Biden eligible for Democratic primary debate: if he decides to run

(Reuters‎) U.S. Vice President Joe Biden would be invited to participate in the first Democratic presidential primary debate if he announces his intent to run for the office, according to guidelines released on Monday by CNN, which is hosting the event.

Biden meets all but one of the criteria required to participate in the Oct. 13 event, which is sanctioned by the Democratic National Committee. He has not formally declared his intent to run for the office.

Shit or get off the pot, Joe. Stop being such a tease. – Caro

Boehner hates the right-wing crazies, too

Pope Francis And Boehner

Thanks to All Hat No Cattle

Boehner says will avoid U.S. government shutdown; slams ‘false prophets’

(Reuters) Blasting hard-line conservatives as “false prophets,” U.S. House Speaker John Boehner on Sunday said Congress will avoid a government shutdown this week and he will push through as much unfinished legislation as possible before leaving at the end of October.

What The Government Shutdown Conservative Media Are Cheering For Would Actually Do

(Media Matters) Right-wing media are championing a government shutdown, ignoring that it would cause millions of Americans to lose access to food assistance, health care, and their paychecks while costing the government billions of dollars.

Media Matters: CBO: Defunding Planned Parenthood Would Cost The Government $130M Over Next Decade

Far-Right’s Choice For Speaker Tied To Disgraced Duggar Leader

(Right Wing Watch) House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., is rounding up votes to seal his bid to succeed John Boehner as speaker of the House…

Webster has long history of collaborating with the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), a ministry founded by Bill Gothard…

Last year, Gothard faced accusations of sexual harassment from 34 women and charges that he engineered a cover-up of abuse claims.

While GOP leaders like Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin and Rick Perry have also worked with Gothard groups, his best known disciples are the Duggar family, which recently faced its own sex abuse scandal. Gothard’s teachings on patriarchy and sexual abuse, which appeared to blame women survivors, drew controversy in the wake of the Duggar scandal.

Clown Car, Cont’d

GOP Election Flight Plan

Thanks to Jamiol’s World

Big Donors Seek Larger Role in Campaigns

(Political Wire) New York Times: “In an election cycle that is already on track to break spending records, and with few limits on contributions to ‘super PACs’ and other outside groups, big donors have never been more important. No longer satisfied with sitting on the sidelines and writing big checks, many of them are eager to play larger roles in the campaigns.”

“They expect their views to be heard quickly and their concerns taken seriously, sometimes creating headaches and potential awkwardness for the campaigns and super PACs, which must tend to the contributors and their seemingly endless suggestions and questions.”

Only we wild-eyed crazies expected THAT to happen, right? – Caro

Media Matters: Politico Bizarrely Claims “Trump Plans To Hike Taxes On The Wealthy” Even Though His Plan Would Do The Opposite

GOP Field No Longer Worries About Deficit

(Political Wire) “[T]he release of Donald Trump’s tax plan adds to the number of major GOP presidential candidates who propose to cut all taxes — but especially those for the wealthy — as deeply, or deeper, than Romney proposed. The lesson Republicans seem to have drawn is to simply stop worrying about balancing the budget. The plans would blow open deficits over the next decade that economists estimate ranging from $3.6 trillion to $12 trillion.”

Trump Courts Televangelists

(Political Wire) Politico: “Donald Trump has found his kind of Christians. In a bid to consolidate support among evangelicals and keep his momentum from ebbing, Trump is courting charismatic televangelists who believe God wants you to be rich.”

A huckster huckstering a bunch of hucksters. – Caro

Media Matters: Trump To Media Matters On When He’ll Return To Fox: “They Have To Treat Me Fairly And I’m Sure They Will”

Fiorina blames the media as abortion claims challenged

(Politico) Carly Fiorina is doubling down on her controversial claim that videos show “babies are being butchered” by Planned Parenthood, writing off anyone who challenges her on the point as part of the “liberal media.”

FOUND: The source of Carly Fiorina’s fetus claim

(Daily Kos) By now we all know GOP Presidential wannabee Carly Fiorina has been telling everyone that she saw a video of an aborted fetus “with arms and legs kicking while Planned Parenthood people dissected the baby looking for its brain.”…

Turns out, what she saw was a video of an infant that had been born prematurely at 19 weeks and that did not survive…

By the mother’s own description, the baby lived only a few minutes after birth. There was no dissection and no one was “harvesting the baby’s brain,” fetal tissue, or any organs.

Media Matters: IA Radio Host Jan Mickelson Calls Carly Fiorina’s Debunked Planned Parenthood Attack A “Touchdown”

Media Matters: Fox Host Lauds Super PAC Ad That Uses Doctored Footage To Defend Fiorina’s Debate Lie

Media Matters: Fox’s Neil Cavuto Falsely Claims Deceptively-Edited Videos Smearing Planned Parenthood “Were Not Edited”

Delusional Rubio: Women Are Getting Pregnant Just To Sell The Fetus To Planned Parenthood

(Occupy Democrats) According to future 2016 presidential washout Marco Rubio, Planned Parenthood not only sells baby parts, but the health organization also incentivizes women to have abortions with promises of profits.

While no women is given any part of the reimbursement Planned Parenthood receives when she chooses to donate fetal tissue to humanitarian causes, facts (as usual) are meaningless to Rubio, who feels that women “look forward to” getting abortions.

Top Donors Put Bush on Notice

(Political Wire) Jeb Bush “is entering a critical phase of his Republican presidential campaign, with top donors warning that the former Florida governor needs to demonstrate growth in the polls over the next month or face serious defections among supporters,” the Washington Post reports.

Non-Scientist Climate Denier Jeb Bush Complains Pope, A Chemist, Is Not A Scientist

(Occupy Democrats) “He’s not a scientist, he’s a religious leader.”

Well, actually, Gov. Bush, Pope Francis is a scientist. He’s a chemist. Further, actual scientists also agree that man-made climate change is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Bush, though, like most Republicans, is thinking about money. Well, he’s wrong there, as 94 percent of economists believe that if climate change is not taken care of, the effects on the world economy would be catastrophic. So, the logical conclusion is that America should join forces with other nations in efforts to slow the effects of this phenomenon. In fact, it is estimated that climate change will hit the world economy with a $44 trillion bill by the year 2040. In other words, Jeb Bush is just wrong on all accounts when it comes to the issue of climate change, what should be done about it, and its effects on every aspect of human life, including the economic situation. So, Jeb, why don’t you leave this one to the scientists (including Pope Francis).

Few Republican Scientists

Thanks to Al Hebert

Paul Says Cruz Is Finished in the Senate

(Political Wire) Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) “had a blunt message for his presidential rival and fellow Republican senator Ted Cruz (R-TX): You’re a hack,” Politico reports.

Said Paul: “Ted has chosen to make this really personal and chosen to call people dishonest in leadership and call them names which really goes against the decorum and also against the rules of the Senate, and as a consequence he can’t get anything done legislatively.”

How Mitch McConnell Schooled Ted Cruz

(Political Wire) Politico: “By moving to quarantine Cruz from the rest of the conference over the past three months, the majority leader demonstrated that he’s learned the lessons of the Cruz-backed government shutdown in 2013 and the Texas senator’s rogue strategy last winter that helped Democrats confirm a raft of judges in the lame duck session. In doing so, McConnell cemented his position atop the Senate GOP, dashing any hopes among House Republicans, or conservative activists, that his future might be in doubt.”

“The message is clear: McConnell isn’t going anywhere, and everyone in the Senate knows it. Even Cruz won’t say he should resign.”

Mike Huckabee: America Will Not Survive Gay Marriage

(Right Wing Watch) Huckabee said that Americans have “rebelled against a holy God” and tried “to rewrite the word of God to make it tune to our lifestyle.”

“We cannot possibly survive if we defy any standard that God has given to us,” he said, before calling for a “spiritual revival” that would cause God to “give us the political reformation that we need.”

- See more at:

Huckabee: Obama Only ‘Pretends To Be’ A Christian

(Right Wing Watch) Mike Huckabee said in an interview with Newsmax TV yesterday that President Obama only “pretends to be” a Christian, as evidenced by his invitation of several pro-gay-rights and pro-choice Christians to a reception with the pope this week and the fact that he has, according to Huckabee, made it “very difficult for people to practice their Christian faith” in America.

Christie and Kasich Try an Iowa Reset

(Political Wire) National Journal: “Neither Christie nor Kasich is ex­pec­ted to win the state’s first-in-the-na­tion caucuses, where con­ser­vat­ive voters tend to dom­in­ate. But both cam­paigns now hope that, in an un­settled pres­id­en­tial race, a bet­ter-than-ex­pec­ted Iowa fin­ish could help launch them to suc­cess in their make-or-break state of New Hamp­shire one week later. Already, Christie and Kasich are ex­pand­ing their Iowa teams and plan­ning to spend more time on the ground in­ter­act­ing with voters. Christie traveled to Iowa for a two-day swing this week, and Kasich is set on Wed­nes­day to make his second trip there in less than a week.”

Media Malpractice

Media Matters: Network News Coverage Of The Democratic Primary Has Been A Disaster

CNN Wildly Off The Mark On Pope Francis’ Call For Climate Action

(Media Matters) CNN Money claimed that if the U.S. heeds Pope Francis’ call to address climate change it will hurt the economy and cost jobs, but CNN based these claims on a six-year old analysis of failed cap-and-trade legislation rather than recent research showing that the climate plan the Obama administration has put in place will benefit the economy and increase employment. CNN also alleged that the U.S. is hesitant to act on climate change “without other nations around the world doing the same,” despite the fact that 78 countries have already submitted climate change plans ahead of international negotiations that will occur in December.

Conservative Media Are Trying To Blame Air Pollution Limits For Volkswagen’s Emissions Scandal

(Media Matters) In the wake of the Volkswagen emissions-rigging scandal, questions are being raised about the amount of influence automakers have over the enforcement — or lack thereof — of vehicle emissions standards. But rather than join in that conversation, conservative media are making excuses for Volkswagen’s conduct and seeking to shift much of the blame to the Environmental Protection Agency and emission standards themselves.

Media Matters: John Oliver Slams Fox News For Reducing Migrants To A Terrorist Stereotype

The Daily Outrage

Limbaugh Doesn’t Believe There Is Water on Mars

(Political Wire) Rush Limbaugh doesn’t believe the news that there’s water on Mars and says it’s just part of “the liberal agenda,” Politico reports.

Said Limbaugh: “OK so there’s flowing water on Mars. Yip yip yip yahoo. Hey, you know me, I’m science 101, big time guy, tech advance it, you know it, I’m all in. But, NASA has been corrupted by the current regime. Don’t know how long it’s going to take, but this news that there is flowing water on Mars is somehow going to find its way into a technique to advance the leftist agenda.”

Limbaugh admitted that he wasn’t entirely sure what the agenda was but was going to “assume it would be something to do with global warming.”

Bachmann: God May Destroy America Over Gay Marriage Just Like Sodom

(Right Wing Watch) Former Rep. Michele Bachmann is not backing away from her End Times prophecies about how President Obama and gay rights advocates are paving the way for America’s destruction and the Apocalypse, returning to “Understanding the Times with Janet Markell” this weekend to issue her latest warning.

Denouncing “Barack Obama’s dangerous policies,” Bachmann said that the president is putting America in God’s crosshairs.

Michele Bachmann Lies About Drowned Syrian Boy To Attack Refugees

(Right Wing Watch) The former Republican congresswoman and presidential candidate told [Jan] Markell that Aylan Kurdi, the three-year-old Syrian boy whose body washing up onto a Turkish beach was captured in a series of iconic photos, was not actually Syrian but from a Turkish family that was trying to reach Europe in order to secure dental benefits…

Bachmann’s assertion is false.

Mark Levin: The Supreme Court Is Imposing Secular Sharia

(Right Wing Watch) Right-wing radio host Mark Levin spoke at the Values Voter Summit today, where he declared that secularism has become the established religion of the United States and the Supreme Court is now essentially imposing secular Sharia upon the entire nation.

Media Matters: Fox Guest: We Should Be “Shaming The People Who Are Sitting On Welfare”

Sometimes sanity threatens to prevail

Minimum Wage Works In Seattle

Thanks to Occupy Democrats

AG Koster finds no evidence of wrongdoing in Planned Parenthood investigation

(Missouri Attorney General’s Office) Attorney General Chris Koster released a report … concluding his office’s investigation into Planned Parenthood. The office launched its investigation following the July 2015 release of videos raising questions about Planned Parenthood’s practices in other states regarding the alleged unlawful sale of fetal tissue. Koster’s investigation examined in detail the tissue-handling practices of Planned Parenthood’s Missouri surgical facility and concluded there was no evidence that the facility engaged in unlawful activity. [Emphasis added.]

Majority Backs Planned Parenthood Funding

(Political Wire) A new Pew Research survey finds the public by a wide margin says that any congressional budget agreement must maintain funding for Planned Parenthood.

Currently, 60% say that any budget deal must maintain funding for the organization, while 32% say that any agreement must eliminate its funding.

Media Matters: Media Starting To Question Super PACs’ Influence On Election Before Spending Has Even Really Begun

Panel Authorizes Removal Of Ten Commandments Monument From Oklahoma Capitol

(The Oklahoman) An Oklahoma state panel Tuesday authorized the Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services to remove a Ten Commandments monument from Capitol grounds before Oct. 12.

A court has ordered the monument removed as a violation of a provision of the state Constitution prohibiting state support for religion.

The rise of ad-blocking could herald the end of the free internet

The rise of ad-blocking could herald the end of the free internet

(John Naughton, The Guardian) [I]t’s not surprising that internet users have been going for ad-blocking software …

But now Apple has stepped on to the battleground. The new release of its iOS mobile operating system contains some hooks that enable programmers to create apps that block content (aka ads) within the Safari mobile browser…

And this, as Jean-Louis Gassée (a former Apple executive, incidentally) points out, might be a mixed blessing.

“The good news: we’ll soon have ways to streamline our browsing experience and avoid being pimped to advertisers. The bad news: marginally profitable websites, which is most of them, will lose advertising revenue and plunge into the red. The big guys that have paywalls in place, sites such as the New York TimesFinancial Times, or Le Monde, will be much less vulnerable.”

My comment – Caro:

I’d like to see a model similar to cable TV–payment of one fee to see all content, that fee getting distributed, say, based on clicks to sites we visit. But then again, the bot clickers could spoil the whole thing if developers don’t implement a way to foil them.

I seriously don’t want to pay separate fees for every site I click on.

We don’t need no stupid regulations

Uncommon Sense: Politics Simplified – Regulation of Businesses Is Always Bad

Sleep apnea treatment alleviates depression symptoms

New posts at Many Years Young 9/30/15

Sleep apnea treatment alleviates depression symptoms

A small Implantable device is changing the lives of people with sleep apnea

Late night Coffee can disturb internal body clock and sleep pattern: Research

Long Sleep and High Blood Copper Levels Go Hand in Hand

Plus lots more.

More Men at Risk for Prostate Cancer as a Result of Less Regular Screening

New posts at Many Years Young 9/28/15

More Men at Risk for Prostate Cancer as a Result of Less Regular Screening

Fungi May Lead to Cheaper Cancer Treatment, Study Suggests

Dried Plums Can Reduce Risk of Colon Cancer, Research Shows

Could aspirin treat breast cancer?

Plus lots more.

Did the Pope’s message have anything to do with Boehner’s resignation?

John Boehner Cried At Pope Speech

Thanks to Occupy Democrats

Breaking: House Speaker Boehner To Resign In October

(The National Memo) U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner will resign from Congress on October 30, giving up both his House seat and one of the most powerful positions in government.

With John Boehner’s Departure, the Inmates Are Officially Running the Asylum

(Charlie Pierce) Way I figure it is this. In their private chat yesterday, Boehner explained to the pope the problems he was having with the flying monkey caucus, and Papa Francesco who, after all, heads a bureaucracy with a long history as a seething cauldron of ambition, scandal, murder and betrayal, as well as a unique tradition of crazy institutional proceedings (See: Cadaver Synod), listened to Boehner’s plight and said, mildly, “Jesus H. Christ in a Fiat, my son, these people crazy. Get out while you can.” That’s the way I’m going to figure it, anyway.

GOP Establishment Losing Its Grip

(Political Wire) “That sound you hear around Washington right now is the sound of the Republican establishment shaking,” the Gerald Seib notes.

“House Speaker John Boehner’s resignation under duress—a move that was both a shock and years in the making at the same time—means tea-party-styled forces have further ratcheted up their power within the party. With each such move, the grip of what people think of as the Republican party establishment—big business donors, official party leaders, congressional leaders whose tenure dates back more than a decade or so—is loosened a bit more.”

John Boehner left because Republicans’ true faith is incompatible with governing

(Chris Lehmann, The Guardian) As Mike Konczal recently noted in the New Republic, Tea Party leaders on Capitol Hill – who were putatively swept into office in large part by conservative outrage over Republican complicity in the 2008 bank bailouts – now march in virtual lockstep with Wall Street on every major economic issue. Seven years after all that pitchfork-wielding tumult of 2010, the DC-tamed “Tea Party thinks that Wall Street has done nothing wrong,” Konczal writes.

Dig deeper into the funding numbers – the real story of national politics in the post Citizens United age – and the Tea Party realignment of the GOP stands out yet more starkly.

Why the Next House Speaker Will Be More Ineffective Than John Boehner

(Jim Manley, QGA Public Affairs) The next House speaker, regardless of his or her identity, is destined to be even more ineffective than Mr. Boehner when it comes to corralling the GOP caucus. There is no way that President Barack Obama will be able trust what the next speaker says when it comes to cutting deals. It will be trust and verify–plus a lot of show me the votes. And in the wake of Mr. Boehner’s announcement that he’s stepping down, I don’t foresee a lot of Republicans being ready to compromise on the spending issues that have divided the two parties.

House Republicans Create Job

Thanks to Jim Fawcette

This is how you fight right-wing liars, Democrats

You don’t clutch your pearls and try to halfway side with the enemy. – Caro

Reacting to Videos, Planned Parenthood Fights to Regain Initiative

(New York Times) The undercover videos were made over more than two years, yet Planned Parenthood was taken by surprise when the first one was posted online in July. Now one of the biggest crises in the 99-year history of the organization, the nation’s largest provider of women’s reproductive health care, could reach a climax this week as conservatives want to shut down the government rather than help fund the group…

Planned Parenthood has fought back and managed to put some opponents on the defensive after gathering information from its affiliates; hiring lawyers, crisis managers and video experts to document deceptive edits; and working to solidify support among donors, Democrats and, according to polls, a majority of Americans.

By Thursday, the Republican-controlled Senate could not even corral a majority to support a short-term bill to fund the government, but not Planned Parenthood, because several Republicans facing re-election had defected. And on Friday, Speaker John A. Boehner announced he would resign from the House before party conservatives could try to oust him from his post — the proximate cause being his unwillingness to lead a shutdown of the government over Planned Parenthood when the new fiscal year starts on Thursday.

Mr. Boehner would need Democrats’ votes to pass a government spending bill that President Obama would sign, leaving Planned Parenthood’s family planning and Medicaid payments untouched. That would have provoked a coup by conservatives, now a moot threat.

The Media vs. Hillary

Clinton May Not Have Turned Over All Her Emails

(Political Wire) “Obama administration officials made new revelations about Hillary Clinton’s emails on Friday, as the ongoing controversy continues to spin against the Democratic presidential front-runner,” The Hill reports.

“In one announcement, a senior State Department official said that the department was handing over ‘a small number’ of new emails related to the 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya, to a House committee investigating the incident.”

Separately, the AP reports that the administration “had discovered a new chain of emails that Clinton had declined to turn over, despite her claims to have provided the government with all work-related messages.”

One of the comments:

Here’s a very key part of the linked story:

“The messages were largely personal, the AP reported, and don’t appear to discuss highly classified material.”

Not only that, but said messages were sent prior to March 2009, which is when she began using the private server. And she has always said that the date range of submitted documents only go back to March 2009.

It’s amazing how much clearer things become when you get pass the half-truths pushed in the media.

My comment – Caro:

Why do you keep flogging this non-story? It just makes no sense, if your objective is to help promote the progressive message.

Clinton Blames GOP for Wife’s Email Problems

(Political Wire) Bill Clinton “blamed Republicans who hope to undercut his wife’s presidential chances and a voracious political news media uninterested in substance for the furor surrounding Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email account and server while she was secretary of state,” the New York Times reports.

Said Clinton: “I have never seen so much expended on so little.”

“Mr. Clinton likened the current inquiries into Mrs. Clinton’s emails to scandals as far back as the Whitewater land deal that plagued his 1992 campaign and his administration.”

One of the comments:

Bill hit the nail on the head. The press has long ago lost the respect of the American people — and they known Hillary’s candidacy portents their demise. Her election would mean the public has stopped taking seriously their vapid false narratives. That’s why the sexist good ole boy media establishment is terrified of her.

And yes, the double standard is definitely sexist — when Colin Powell used private email and deleted every single one — there was not a peep of outrage and talk of how he can’t be trusted. Ditto Bush and Rove’s “lost” private emails. Because this has nothing to do with trust and transparency, and everything to do with misogyny. We the people know the media does not give a crap about emails except to trash this woman. Very few are fooled when the press ignores this week’s CNN poll showing Hillary’s national lead growing, ignores yesterday’s Iowa PPP poll showing we back up there nearly 20 points — but pushes outlier polls showing Bernie or Biden closing. We see their gross lack of honesty when after months of spreading the lie that Hillary wiped her server, they sweep under the rug news that in fact she did no such thing and her emails are recovered.

The media’s relentless bias against Hillary only makes her more relatable to marginalized groups like Latinos, working class whites, women, blacks, and gays. Those groups also know what it’s like to be lied about, unfairly criticized, stereotyped, mischaracterized. They are also called uppity and held to double standards when they reach for the power and privilege enjoyed by the good ole boys. Blacks can relate to a strong, resilient woman who refuses to be knocked down — we see it often in our own families.

Her election will be truly transformative and revolutionary — that’s why the powers that be are desperate to smear her. I predict their national b—-h hunt will fail spectacularly — it’s already failing.

And another:

We could be having a constructive discussion about the issues, and maybe we would be if the DNC had planned more and earlier debates, or not forbidden candidates from participating in “unsanctioned” debates. Instead, for lack of any substantive policy issues to discuss, we have the email controversy. Given that the media is going to talk about the Democratic race, and there isn’t much to say about the Clinton campaign other than “yup, Hillary is still running for president”, is it any wonder that the media is still talking about her private email server?

My answer to the comment just above – Caro:

But there ARE substantive issues. When and where have you seen a discussion of these recent announcements, just in the month of September–what they mean, who would benefit, what’s the feasibility?

Hillary Clinton taking on drug industry – (Here’s just some of what they could have talked about –

Hillary Clinton: I Oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline –

Hillary Clinton on repealing Obamacare: ‘Not on my watch’ –

Clinton: Planned Parenthood doesn’t use federal dollars for abortions –

Hillary Clinton Unveils Campaign-Finance Plan –

Clinton calls for crackdown on campus sex assaults –

Clinton proposes $7.5 billion U.S. fund to fight addiction –

To Restore Trust in Government, Slow Wall Street’s Revolving Door (Hillary Clinton, Sen. Tammy Baldwin) –

Instead, here’s what’s been going on:

Report: Nightly newscasts have covered Hillary Clinton e-mail story as much as her candidacy –

Sunday Shows Largely Ignore DOJ Acknowledgment Of Clinton’s Authority To Delete Personal Emails –

Pretty amazing – Caro:

Media Matters: Fox’s Kilmeade Does His Research, Discovers Clinton Is Right About Feminism: “It Is Just Somebody [Who] Wants Equal Rights”

Not so amazing – Caro:

Media Matters: Kelly File Fact Check Of Claims Clinton “Started Birtherism” Ignores Fox’s Role In Pushing Those Claims

Media and Fact-Checkers Once Again Debunk Myth That Clinton Started Birther Movement

(Media Matters) Media outlets and fact-checkers are calling out the myth that Hillary Clinton started the “birther” smear that President Obama was not born in the United States and was thus ineligible for the presidency, but Fox News has continued to run with the debunked claim.

Media Matters: 50 Headlines That Reveal Wash. Post Reporter Chris Cillizza’s Obsession With The Clinton Email Story

Clown Car, Cont’d

Reverb Press: Trump Still Leading In The Polls While Big Money Donors Squirm

WATCH: Noam Chomsky Flattens Trump in Four Minutes Flat

(Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!) Noam Chomsky weighed in on U.S. presidential politics in a speech Saturday at The New School in New York. In addressing a question about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Chomsky assessed the political landscape: “Today’s Democrats are what used to be called moderate Republicans. The Republicans have just drifted off the spectrum. They’re so committed to extreme wealth and power that they cannot get votes … So what has happened is that they’ve mobilized sectors of the population that have been around for a long time. … Trump may be comic relief, but it’s not that different from the mainstream, which I think is more important.”

He goes on to say “the other candidates are not that different”. – Caro

Trump Gets Testy After ‘National Review’ Editor’s Remark

(The National Memo) Trump’s war against traditional Republican media outlets won’t get fixed any time soon.

Trump Says He Will ‘Warmly’ Deport Immigrants

(Political Wire) Donald Trump explained on CNN how he would deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. Said Trump: “Through good management and through a process. And the process is the bad ones go and they never come back. They’re never coming back. The really good ones, and there are many, they will go and they will come back legally. They’ll come back on an expedited system.”

American Muslims Fear New Wave of Islamophobia

(Reuters) Muslim Americans responded with a mix of frustration, exasperation and anger to what many see as a growing wave of Islamophobia fueled by two of the Republican Party’s most popular presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

Ben Carson: Do any Muslim countries have women’s rights, gay rights or religious freedom?

( Carson has a point that many countries with a majority-Muslim population do have poor records on institutional discrimination against women, members of the LGBT community and religious minorities. However, his broad-brush statement glosses over the fact that such policies are not universal. Numerous Muslim countries offer freedoms in each category. We rate the claim Mostly False.

Ben Carson Shattering Stereotype About Brain Surgeons Being Smart

(The Borowitz Report) Brain surgeons, long burdened with the onerous reputation of being among the smartest people in the world, are expressing relief that the Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson is shattering that stereotype once and for all.

How Carly Fiorina Screwed Her Campaign Staff—and Paid Herself First

(The Daily Beast) When Fiorina lost her Senate bid in 2010, she had lots of bills left to pay. So she did what any multimillionaire who loaned her campaign cash would do: She paid herself first.

Fiorina Ran HP Into The Ground

Thanks to Justin Andrews

Bush Sticks with Tax Cuts

(Political Wire) Jonathan Chait: “Like all of the non-Trump Republican candidates, Jeb Bush’s economic strategy is built around a program of regressive, debt-financed tax cuts, just as it was under the last Republican administration. In a very clever interview, John Harwood repeatedly asks Bush why he is pursuing this course despite its repeated failure. Bush’s attempts to respond reveal the tangle of denial, non-falsifiability, and cant that undergird the party’s unshakable commitment to voodoo economics.”

Why Marco Rubio’s New Family Leave Plan May Only Help The Well-Off

(ThinkProgress) A tax credit may not be enough to encourage all employers to offer family leave, which could worsen that divide between high-earning employees who get paid time off and the low-wage workers who need it most to survive financially. That’s why Democratic candidates have endorsed a paid family leave mandate for the entire country.

GOP Candidate Kasich Caught Providing Food Stamps to White Communities but not Black Communities

(Ring of Fire) Republican presidential hopeful John Kasich likes to portray himself as a “person of faith.” However, his actions as Ohio congressman during the late 1990s, and more recently as governor of the Buckeye State, suggest that he is a callous, self-righteous, racist, hypocrite. He now is openly providing food stamps to white communities in Ohio, but not black communities.

Here’s how to rob the poor and the middle class to give more to the rich

How Ohio Pulled $4 Billion+ from Communities and Redistributed It Upwards

(akadjian, Daily Kos) If you diagram the changes out since the 2010-11 budget, it looks like this:

Tax Redistribution To The Rich

And yes, I know the numbers don’t equal each other. This is because the state is not directly taking all of the money from one place and allocating it to another. It’s more as if the money is put into a pot and then reallocated. It is interesting, however, how the money taken from schools and communities compares with the money outlays for tax changes and private schools.

In the past 2 budgets (2012-13, 2014-15), Ohio has cut over $4 billion from the public sector and increased spending on charter schools and tax changes by nearly the same amount.

Do you see the pattern?

  • Shift tax burden
  • Create deficit
  • Blame government
  • Defund government
  • Fund additional tax changes
  • Repeat

Cuts to schools and government services are being used to pay for the tax changes groups like ALEC desire.

It looks very similar to what’s happened at the national level with the sequester.

Media Malpractice

MSNBC Threw Liberals Under The Bus And Is Now The Lowest Rated News Network

(Politics USA) MSNBC claimed that they were boosting their ratings by dumping their liberal hosts and switching to news, but over the last 4 weekdays, they have been the lowest rated cable news network three times with the key 25-54 demo audience…

Maybe the problem at MSNBC wasn’t that viewers did not want liberal politics. The problem was and remains that viewers would like programs that are interesting.

Avedon’s Sideshow

There’s a curious editorial in The New York Times complaining about how the Republican candidates are full of bollocks. It’s like a blog post from 2001, except that they left out the part about how the reason candidates and political leaders and their spokesbots so confidently talk out of their backsides is that the media has been letting them get away with it for years and even encouraging it, trumpeting it, and firing people who won’t play along. I’m looking at you, New York Times (and MSNBC).

Democrats Hope Jeb Bush ‘Free Stuff’ Remark Will Go Viral, Damage Bid

(Washington Wire, Wall Street Journal) Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said in South Carolina he would appeal to black voters with a message of “hope and aspiration” rather than “we’ll take care of you with free stuff.”

Note the wording here. Jeb Bush made a stupid remark, but the Wall Street Journal pins any reaction to it on Democrats, not on Jeb’s stupidity. – Caro

Creator Of Manipulated Planned Parenthood Videos Followed Playbook Of Group Whose False Claims On “20/20” Were Debunked By Congress

(Media Matters) Deceptively-edited videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) alleging that Planned Parenthood is illegally handling fetal tissue echo claims made 15 years ago by the anti-choice group Life Dynamics, which fell apart under scrutiny. CMP founder David Daleiden has cited a 2000 campaign by Life Dynamics and its leader, Mark Crutcher, as the inspiration behind his own group’s smear campaign against Planned Parenthood.

Fox’s Varney Praises Deceptive Fiorina Ad Defending Her Deceptive Planned Parenthood Attack

(Media Matters) Fox Business host Stuart Varney praised a misleading campaign video ad produced by a super PAC supporting Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina without mentioning that the ad contains deceptively-edited audio and video aimed at smearing Planned Parenthood and defending Fiorina’s previous lies about the organization.

Media Matters: NRA News Commentary: School Shootings Happen Because Kids Don’t “Respect” Firearms

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