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Asking for common sense on gun control . . .

. . . is like asking for right wingers to stop hating. – Caro

Occupy Democrats:

Guns And Mental Illness

Father Of Murdered Journalist Blasts NRA, Promises Tireless Fight For Gun Control

(ThinkProgress) The father of slain journalist Alison Parker, who was killed in a tragic shooting on live television Wednesday, is calling on politicians to stop being “cowards in the pockets of the NRA” and pass meaningful gun violence legislation.

Media Matters:

Fox News Criticizes Obama For Advocating Gun Reform After Virginia Shooting Victim’s Father Makes The Same Point — On Fox News

Hannity: Talking About Gun Violence After Mass Shootings Is Politicizing

Hannity: Obama And Other Democrats “Tried To Politicize” VA Shooting By Talking About Gun Violence

Bill O’Reilly Links Planned Parenthood To VA And Other Mass Shootings

NRA News Tries To Shut Down The Debate: Calls For New Gun Laws Show “A Lack Of Shared Humanity”

Dana Loesch Brings Up Planned Parenthood In Discussion of VA Shooting, Denies US Has “A Gun Problem”

Daily Kos:

NY Times editorial on gun violence: Has the media woken up for good this time?

Right Wing Watch, People For the American Way:

Rush Limbaugh Blames Diversity Initiatives For Virginia Journalists’ Deaths

Fox’s Ablow: Obama Could Stop Mass Shootings If He Stopped “Enflaming Racial Discord”

US has 5 percent of world’s population, but had 31 percent of its public mass shooters from 1966-2012

(American Sociological Association) Despite having only about 5 percent of the world’s population, the United States was the attack site for a disproportionate 31 percent of public mass shooters globally from 1966-2012, according to new research that will be presented at the 110th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association (ASA).

“The United States, Yemen, Switzerland, Finland, and Serbia are ranked as the Top 5 countries in firearms owned per capita, according to the 2007 Small Arms Survey, and my study found that all five are ranked in the Top 15 countries in public mass shooters per capita,” said study author Adam Lankford, an associate professor of criminal justice at the University of Alabama. “That is not a coincidence.”

Hillary’s getting fired up

Hillary Clinton Slams Trump & Anti-Latino Republicans For Mass Deportation Delusions

(Occupy Democrats) I find it the height of irony that a party which espouses small government would want to unleash a massive government effort, which might include the National Guard and others, to go and literally pull people out of their homes and their workplaces, round them up and, I don’t know, put them in buses or boxcars, in order to take them across the border. I find that absurd but appalling. And that’s why I support comprehensive immigration reform.”

Hillary Clinton Has Run Out of F*cks to Give

(Charlie Pierce) My goodness, the special snowflakes of the elite political media are all a’quiver because Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is running for president of the United States, has decided to talk like somebody who wants to be president of the United States, which is to say, she’s started to talk like someone whose big bag of fcks to give is running very, very low.

“Now, extreme views about women, we expect that from some of the terrorist groups, we expect that from people who don’t want to live in the modern world, but it’s a little hard to take from Republicans who want to be the president of the United States,” Clinton said at a speech in Cleveland. “Yet they espouse out of date, out of touch policies. They are dead wrong for 21st century America. We are going forward, we are not going back.”

Of course, there was a general rush to the fainting couches, even on liberal MSNBC, where the ratings-challenged gang on Squint and the Meat Puppet was struck dumb – and I do mean dumb – with horror…

There are a number of people who have studied her career who believe that, as a candidate, HRC only gets focused when she is perceived to be in trouble, and then she becomes a formidable as she is rumored to be. If that’s the case, then she seems to be getting there at the moment.

Good news is bad news if your name is Hillary

New poll showing Clinton beating everyone is reported as bad news for Hillary

(Matthew Yglesias, Vox) A new Quinnipiac University poll shows Hillary Clinton coasting to a crushing victory in a three-way race against Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, winning 45 percent of the vote, compared with 22 for Sanders and 18 for Biden.

And the good news for Clinton doesn’t stop there.

  • The poll shows Clinton beating Jeb Bush head to head.
  • The poll shows Clinton beating Marco Rubio head to head.
  • The poll shows Clinton beating Donald Trump head to head.
  • The poll shows Clinton winning in a landslide in scenarios where Trump runs as an independent.
  • The poll did not test Clinton against Scott Walker or other possible nominees.

So how did the media report this poll showing that if the election were held this week Hillary Clinton would win? Well, as bad news for Hillary Clinton!

Daily Kos: Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers haven’t dropped at all—and this one chart proves it

Inside Democratic Party, growing concerns about Clinton

(McClatchy) As Democratic Party insiders gather for their summer meeting, there is a growing undercurrent of concern whether Hillary Clinton would be the party’s strongest candidate to keep the White House next year.

Cowardly Democrats clutching their pearls? That’s not news, McClatchy, that’s a permanent state of affairs. Joe Klein knows that the Clintons are playing the long game. – Caro

How much will Hillary’s low ‘honest and trustworthy’ numbers matter?

(Greg Sargent, The Plum Line, Washington Post) [A] Quinnipiac poll finds that only 34 percent of Americans say Clinton is honest and trustworthy, versus 61 percent who say she’s not. Other polls have found the same.

But political scientists have frequently challenged the idea that such findings tell us all that much about a candidate’s chances.

Those numbers reflect the success of the steady drip, drip, drip of the right-wing hate campaign against Hillary, not on any objective assessment of her character.

If we base our judgment of politicians on what the right wing says about them, we are allowing the inmates to run the asylum. – Caro

The Big Smear

(Cannonfire) Hillary’s numbers are going down not because of her policies, not because of anything real, but because the Clinton name is being subjected to daily smears. As the saying goes: If enough bullshit hits the wall, some will stick.

The Price and Promise of Hillary Clinton’s Wobbly Summer

(Joe Klein) So if you’re Hillary and you’re fretting through a hostile press conference in Vegas, here’s what’s going through your mind: Here we go again. Another cycle of dust and blather to be endured…

If you’re Hillary Clinton, it’s good news that the left wing of the party has had a summer safety valve [in Bernie Sanders]; it’s probably better news that Joe Biden is thinking about getting in. Biden will only split the anti-Hillary vote; and there are the legions of teachers, single moms, the blacks and Latino women who latch on to her ever more strongly when it appears she’s being picked on or held to a higher standard by men. Plus, there’s always the advantage that comes from wingnut overreach–the smug of war, the same sort of people who accused her in 1994 of complicity in Vince Foster’s suicide or making a fortune off of Whitewater (she lost money).

They inevitably blow so much hot air into their balloons–think Benghazi–that they explode in their faces or whiz off into the ether, trivial and incomprehensible.

How Hillary hate works

Anatomy of a Hillary Clinton pseudo-scandal: How Republicans and their media lackeys are trying to manufacture her downfall

(Heather Digby Parton) Many years ago when political blogging was in its infancy, I coined the phrase “Cokie’s Law,” which referred to a specific comment by pundit Cokie Roberts about the Lewinsky scandal that illustrated the precise way the beltway media excused their propensity for cheap gossip and scandalmongering…

Cokie’s Law is the axiom that says the press can  pass judgement about anything once it’s “out there” regardless of whether or not what’s “out there” is true. This allows them to skip doing boring rebuttals of the facts at hand and instead hold forth at length about how it bears on the subject’s “judgement” and the “appearance” of wrongdoing without ever proving that what they did was wrong…

This is where we are with Clinton’s email pseudo-scandal from [Sunday] morning’s “Meet the Press“:…

JON RALSTON:… Chuck, “it depends on what the definition of classified is,” I think is what people out there in real America are thinking.

[L]et’s dispense with the rest of this right now, because it’s not hard to do. First of all, the issue does depend on what the definition of classified is. If that’s what the American people are thinking, then bravo, because the fact is that none of the emails that have been flagged were classified when she handled them. Various departments are looking at them now and reportedly deciding that maybe they should have been. That’s really it, as far as the “classified documents” issue is concerned, and the press shouldn’t be dismissive of that fact.

Meanwhile, The Donald

Narcissism and Donald Trump: ‘A Risk to Our Country’

(Lindsey Ellison, Divorce and breakup coach) From the bedroom to the boardroom, a narcissist will provoke and antagonize anyone who challenges them. They will threaten and blackmail, and go as far as displaying child-like behavior by name-calling, and insulting anyone who takes the opposite side. And like a bully in a school yard, anyone who stands up to the narcissist will pay for it dearly.

Case in point: Donald Trump…

While Donald Trump is providing us with entertainment during the summer doldrums of bad television, Americans need to comprehend the risk he poses on our country. We are at a time where diplomacy is needed more than ever, so putting an unfiltered, volatile, self-proclaimed politically incorrect narcissist in office is a ticking time bomb.

Church Says Trump Not an Active Member

(Political Wire) Donald Trump told reporters Thursday that he attends a church in Manhattan, but the church released a statement to CNN saying the real estate developer is not an “active member.”

FactChecking Trump’s Press Conference

(‎) Donald Trump’s recent press conference garnered a lot of media attention for his put downs of two high-profile journalists, but he didn’t treat the facts much better:

  • Trump claimed “59 percent of our bridges are in trouble.” That’s way off. The Federal Highway Administration says 24 percent of the nation’s bridges were “structurally deficient” or “functionally obsolete” in 2014.
  • Trump said a recent poll in Florida showed him at 28 percent and Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida, “much lower.” Bush wasn’t that much lower. The most recent poll, released Aug. 20 by Quinnipiac University, showed Trump at 21 percent and Bush at 17 percent in Florida.
  • Trump said under Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker the state is “borrowing to a point that nobody thought possible.” Actually, the rate of borrowing has slowed under Walker. It was 5.8 percent over his first four years in office compared with 31 percent over the previous four-year period.
  • Trump said the U.S. debt is $19 trillion, adding “it’s actually much more than that.” Actually, it’s a little less — $18.2 trillion — and that includes money the federal government owes itself. The U.S. debt held by the public is $13.1 trillion.

When do we start to call it corruption?

Jeb Bush Got $1.3M Job At Lehman After Florida Shifted Pension Cash To Bank

(International Business Times) For Florida taxpayers, the move by the administration of then-Gov. Jeb Bush to forge a relationship with Lehman Brothers would ultimately prove disastrous. Transactions in 2005 and 2006 put the Wall Street investment bank in charge of some $250 million worth of pension funds for Florida cops, teachers and firefighters. Lehman would capture more than $5 million in fees on these deals, while gaining additional contracts to manage another $1.2 billion of Florida’s money. Then, in the fall of 2008, Lehman collapsed into bankruptcy, leaving Florida facing up to $1 billion in losses.

But for Jeb Bush personally, his enduring relationship with Lehman would prove lucrative. In 2007, just as he left office, Bush secured a job as a Lehman consultant for $1.3 million a year, Bloomberg reported…

“This is a breathtaking conflict of interest going on here,” said Craig Holman, governmental ethics lobbyist with Public Citizen, a good-government group. “This cost Florida very dearly, and it enriched Jeb Bush.”…

In a 2011 study, Canadian business school professors Danielle Marin and Julien Le Maux found that Lehman’s publicly available financial statements — easily accessible to Bush and the investment staff — contained clear warnings about Lehman’s precarious condition during Florida’s initial and subsequent investments in Lehman.

New Report Highlights Koch Brothers’ Role In Hurricane Katrina Damage

(Huffington Post) A new report from the Democratic opposition research group American Bridge’s Bridge Project describes the way Charles and David Koch, the influential conservative billionaires, put their vast resources into actions that exacerbated the impact of Hurricane Katrina and stalled the Gulf Coast’s recovery.

The report, released Thursday, highlights the Koch brothers’ influence on the region before and after the storm, including constructing and operating pipelines that destroyed wetlands south of New Orleans and attempting to obstruct legislation that would have aided the recovery.

The report describes a federal class-action lawsuit claiming that Koch Pipeline Company and other major oil companies were “partly responsible for the destruction of 1 million acres of marshlands and also for millions more acres of dying marshland.” The destruction of the marshlands eliminated New Orleans’ “natural protection against hurricane winds and storm surges,” according to the lawsuit. The case was later dismissed because a judge deemed it “ambitious.”

The Bridge Project also details an unsuccessful Koch-backed legislative effort to oppose a bill that was intended to promote recovery by limiting premiums for flood insurance. The Homeowners Flood Insurance Affordability Act sought to place a limit on rate increases for people at higher risk of being affected by hurricanes and other damaging storms.

Sometimes sanity threatens to prevail

Why Coverage Of Clinton’s Email Use Is Dramatically Overstated

(Media Matters) Washington Post writer David Ignatius checked the “overstated” uproar over Hillary Clinton’s email use as secretary of state, citing national security legal experts who roundly dismiss the idea that any criminal mishandling of classified information occurred.

Media Debunk Misinformation Surrounding Clinton’s Use Of Private Email

(Media Matters) More media outlets are debunking misinformation surrounding Hillary Clinton’s use of private email, dismantling three main talking points used to accuse Clinton of malfeasance by highlighting that Clinton used her email in a ”common” manner, that her situation isn’t criminal, and that her handling of email is not comparable to what retired Gen. David Petraeus was convicted of.

Hawaii’s Governor Dumps Oil and Gas in Favor of 100 Percent Renewables

(Juan Cole) An unlikely partnership between Hawaii’s local government and the US military makes the island a leader in energy policy.

7 Out Of 10 Americans Want Their States To Comply With The EPA’s Climate Plan

(ThinkProgress) Americans support the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan by a margin of nearly two to one, a new poll from the League of Conservation Voters found.

Despite the rhetoric from some Republican governors, 70 percent of Americans want their states to develop plans to meet the EPA’s guidelines. Carbon emissions from power plants will be regulated for the first time under the EPA plan, finalized earlier this month.

Congressional Fight on Iran Deal Is All But Over

(Eli Lake, Josh Rogin, Bloomberg) Opponents of the Iran nuclear deal in Congress admit they can no longer kill the accord. Their focus now is making sure there will be a vote on the agreement at all, and salvaging some political benefit from their well-funded bid to stop it.

Lawmakers, Congressional staffers and lobbyists opposed to the deal reached in Vienna last month tell us they are now fighting to get more than 60 votes in the Senate for a resolution of disapproval to avoid a filibuster by Democrats supporting President Barack Obama. That is a far cry from the 67 votes in the Senate needed, along with two thirds of the House, to overturn an expected presidential veto of that resolution.

Walmart Will Stop Selling Assault Rifles

(Charlie Pierce) The chain is the country’s largest retailer of guns and ammunition.

The Daily Outrage

Right Wing Watch, People For the American Way:

Kentucky Clerk Says He May Die Fighting Gay Marriage

On Monday, Casey County Clerk Casey Davis (no relation) appeared on Huntington, West Virginia’s “The Tom Roten Morning Show” to discuss how he … plans to defy the courts if ordered to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples … even to the point of death.

Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 8/27/15

There is a pretty obvious ”explanation for the reason we weren’t able to find Saddam’s nukes”: He buried them in the desert and now they’re going to be found by ISIS and used against the U.S. Thanks, Obama!…

Erik Rush says that if communists had simply been murdered en masse back in the 1920s, everything would be fine today.

Alveda King: Planned Parenthood Gives Women Breast Cancer So They Will Donate To Susan G. Komen

Pat Robertson: Market Crash God’s Punishment For Abortion Rights, Planned Parenthood Funding

5 Times Ashley Madison User Josh Duggar Attacked Gay Marriage As A Threat To Families

‘What’s Wrong With Slavery?’ And Jan Mickelson’s Other Worst Pro-Confederacy, Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Gay Moments

Trent Franks: Defund Planned Parenthood Or America Will Collapse

Alex Jones Ties ‘Bitch’ Hillary Clinton And ‘Race War’ Obama To Virginia Shooting

Media Matters:

Independent Analysis Finds Evidence of “Manipulation” In Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos

Fox Guest Recycles Debunked Clinton Email Myths To Call For Criminal Investigation

Fox News rolled out a series of debunked myths about Hillary Clinton’s email use during her tenure at the State Department in order to call for an investigation into whether the Democratic presidential candidate committed “criminal negligence.”

Limbaugh Conspiracy: Hillary Clinton Blackmailing Obama To Avoid Indictment Over Emails

Whether Fox News Acknowledges A Hate Crime Depends On The Race Of The Shooter

Fox News was quick to label the Virginia murder of two white journalists at the hands of a black former colleague a hate crime, a markedly different response than the network’s treatment of the racially motivated massacre of nine black churchgoers in Charleston.

Jeb Bush: Planned Parenthood isn’t involved in women’s health

(PolitiFact, Tampa Bay Times) It’s hard to reconcile Bush’s statement with the fact that — setting abortion procedures aside — Planned Parenthood offered more than 10 million services in 2013. Those services included contraception, breast exams, pregnancy tests, pap tests and STI testing and treatment. Bush is opposed to abortion, but it doesn’t make sense to say that Planned Parenthood isn’t addressing women’s health issues.

We rate Bush’s claim Pants on Fire.

Daily Kos:

Ted Cruz smears Megyn Kelly as a ‘mainstream media liberal journalist’ cuz she asked him a question

Georgia county admits to illegally disenfranchising voters in 2008 and 2012

Trump supporter aggressively confronted Univision reporter—’Get out of my country’

Activists Pursue Private Abortion Details Using Public Records Laws

(ProPublica) Increasingly, abortion opponents are pursuing personal and medical information on women undergoing abortions and the doctors who perform them. They often file complaints with authorities based on what they learn…

[T]hose who support abortion rights say the ultimate aim of these activists is to reduce abortions by intimidating women and their doctors — using the loss of privacy as a weapon. They say their opponents are amassing a wealth of details that could be used to identify patients — turning women, and their doctors, into pariahs or even targets.

Do Republicans Really Have Happier Marriages? Probably Not

Do Republicans Really Have Happier Marriages? Probably Not

(The National Memo) Widespread gloating erupted on the right last week when a paper by sociologists Brad Wilcox of the University of Virginia and Nicholas Wolfinger of the University of Utah showed that Republicans say they have happier marriages than Democrats. Predictably, that study richocheted around the Internet — but other researchers are raising hard questions about its validity,

Doubts arise because more extensive and reliable data have consistently showed that couples living in red states tend to have higher divorce rates than those in blue states  – and higher divorce rates, of course, indicate fewer, not more, happy marriages…

Conservatives stress traditional admonishments to remain married through thick and thin, but conservative policies – promoted in many red states – don’t necessarily support strong marriages and families…

Republicans are largely white, meaning that “they are less likely to face the discrimination, segregation, and poverty that minority couples often experience in America, all of which can compromise the quality of married life.”

The database for the study is quite small.

My comment – Caro:

Divorce rates are higher, unwed pregnancy rates are higher, and there are many other undesirable stats in red states. Here’s a partial list. –

And a map. –

Not to mention that they tend to be net takers from the federal trough. We blue states support them, and they have nothing but nasty things to say about us. –

Dept. of Cool: Sniffer dog division

Electronics-Sniffing Dogs Help Solve Cybercrimes

(Discover Magazine) A dog’s nose knows best, even in the digital age.

By now you’ve probably heard about the downfall of former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle, who has said he will plea guilty to having paid minors for sex and having obtained child pornography. But an interesting factoid of the case is that justice was served thanks to dogs trained to sniff out electronics. From iPads to tiny memory cards, these dogs with a rare talent are finding themselves in high demand in an era rife with cyber crime.

There are just three dogs in the United States trained to find electronic components with their noses. Bear, an electronics-sniffing black lab, helped officers locate 16 smartphones, 10 flash drives and six laptops during an 11-hour search last month of Fogle’s home.

Global life expectancy rises, but people live sicker for longer [unnecessarily for many]

New posts at Many Years Young 8/28/15

Global life expectancy rises, but people live sicker for longer [unnecessarily for many]

Anti-Aging Tricks from Dietary Supplement Seen in Mice

Drinking a problem for many older adults, study finds

Weak Doses of Radiation Prolong Life of Female Flies, Scientists Find

Plus lots more.

Ideological bias and hatred can stifle human progress

Einstein's Gifts

Larger view here

Relativity’s Influence Is Still Going Strong on Its 100th Birthday

(Scientific American) The outer limits of 21st-century physics involve arcane pursuits with strange and wonderful names like “M-theory” and “de Sitter universes.” Many of these endeavors rely heavily on Albert Einstein’s explanation of how gravity emerges from the bending of space and time…

Each incandescent colored dot stands for a paper that touches on at least one element of general relativity or its spin-offs… For an interactive version, go [here].

It is apparent at a glance that Einstein’s ideas are still going strong. Thousands of papers published every year make reference to his progeny. General relativity seems certain to continue to be a cornerstone of physics in decades to come. When we redo this data visualization 100 years from now, we are betting that it will yield the same pointillist explosion of color.

Where would we be today if Einstein had been born a few years later, at a time when he wouldn’t have been able to develop his scientific insights and had been sent off to the gas chamber, simply because he was Jewish? Or if the Nazis had taken power some years earlier, with the same result?

How do we know how many geniuses born since Einstein, maybe even some living today, will never have their potential ideas and discoveries realized because of today’s anti-science, anti-reason, pro-fundamentalist religious biases? How many of today’s destitute children, in the U.S. and elsewhere, might be headed toward great discoveries that could help us all, if only they had proper food, health care, and encouragement? – Caro

Full many a flower is born to blush unseen,
And waste its sweetness on the desert air.

Thomas Gray, Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard

Wall Street Journal: Republicans are the biggest threat to the economy

Don't Shut Down

WSJ Survey: Economists Cite Budget Battle as a Top Threat

(Wall Street Journal) Congressional leaders are pledging that this fall won’t be the season for another budget impasse that shuts down the government or threatens a U.S. default. Wall Street economists aren’t buying their assurances.

After watching Congress repeatedly crash into fiscal deadlines in recent years, a majority of economists are expecting a repeat performance, with 55% of respondents to the latest Wall Street Journal survey of 62 economists—not all of whom answered every question—predicting at least some disruption to the economy and financial markets in the months ahead…

[P]ast congressional stalemates and showdowns have forced economists to pay close attention to political maneuvering. About 77% of economists in the survey believe these clashes have dragged the economy down in recent years, including 14% who believe that fiscal uncertainty has been one of the primary reasons that the U.S. economy has grown so slowly since the end of recession.

But that’s not what the right-wing crazies think – Caro:

On Market Turmoil, GOP Presidential Hopefuls Hit China, Blame Obama

(Washington Wire, Wall Street Journal) Republican presidential candidates jumped on Monday morning’s stock market slump to talk tough on China, attack the Obama administration, and ask for votes.

Pat Robertson Says Market Turmoil Is God’s Punishment

(Political Wire) Pat Robertson says he believes the stock market’s massive sell-off this morning was God’s way of punishing the Obama administration for supporting abortion rights, Politico reports.

Said Robertson: “We will pay dearly as a nation for this thing going on. And possibly if we were to stop all this slaughter the judgment of God might be lifted from us. But it’s coming, ladies and gentlemen.”

Fox Anchor Uses Stock Market Drop To Push For Republican Policies

(Media Matters) Martha MacCallum: “The only alternative that hasn’t been tried by the Obama administration is to dramatically cut taxes and cut regulation”

Another week, another Hillary policy statement that you won’t see covered in the media

Hillary Clinton Proposes Huge AmeriCorps Expansion

(ThinkProgress) As part of Hillary Clinton’s college affordability plan, or New College Compact, she announced she will expand the number of AmeriCorps members to 250,000 on Thursday. There are currently a little over 75,000 AmeriCorps members, and the number hasn’t increased for years.

For members who finish two years of full-time AmeriCorps service and complete a year of public service, they will be able to receive more than $23,000 through the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award compared to the current maximum award of $11,550. The awards would also be made tax-free.

Putting our money where our mouths are

Hillary Embodies the Brightest Hopes of Girls and the Deepest Fears of GOP Operatives

( The 2016 presidential race is an epic battle for the rights, hopes, and dreams of women and girls, embodied in the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. For the men who support those rights and who seek a better world for their daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers and spouses, joining that battle is an honorable calling.

You can help promote women’s hopes and dreams. If you can, donate $16, for Hillary in 2016, to Women for Hillary – Caro

Defending Hillary

Occupy Democrats:

Emails Deleted By Bush

Simplest Ever Explanation of Hillary’s Emails – In a Tweetstorm

( Brian Fallon, Press Secretary for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, took to Twitter with an epic 32-tweet explanation of the trumped-up (no pun intended) email story. It cuts right through the frenzied spin by Hillary’s opponents. As you read through Fallon’s tweets, consider this data point: “Democrats’ overall opinions of the major Democratic contenders for president have changed little despite six eventful weeks of campaigning.”

Clinton Email Scandal Falls Apart As State Dept. Says There Was No Policy Against Private Email

(Politics USA) On CNN’s New Day, State Department spokesman John Kirby said, “We have said in the past, Chris that there was no policy prohibiting the use of a private email account here at the State Department, and that is still a fact. Now, obviously, we have policies in place now that highly discourage that, and you are supposed to use your government account so that there is a constant, permanent record of it, but at the time she was not violating policy….I can tell you that there was no prohibition for her use of this, and we’ve since changed the policy to discourage that greatly, and in fact, the policy is that you have to use your government account for business.”

Kirby added that he didn’t believe that the policy changed while she was Secretary of State, which means that Hillary Clinton was doing nothing wrong when she used private email.

In a recent interview, also on CNN, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) admitted that the number of emails that Republicans claim were classified information in Hillary Clinton’s email account was not accurate due to retroactive classification.

The great email scandal that Republicans hoped would destroy Hillary Clinton’s candidacy is heading down the same path as “IRS scandal,” the “Benghazi scandal,” and President Obama’s birth certificate.

The email scandal is being revealed as another in a long series of election-year stunts. Republicans are set to waste millions of taxpayer dollars on politically driven investigations into Clinton’s use of email, and their efforts are likely to result in nothing.

A CNN poll released last week revealed that voters don’t care about Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Darrell Issa is one of the most dedicated Democrat haters. If he says there’s no there there, then this whole kerfuffle really is a big nothing. – Caro

I support Hillary, but I like Bernie, too.

And I definitely like to see people demonstrating against the inequities we face. – Caro

Bernie Sanders Grassroots Planning Huge March on Washington

Bernie On The Stump

(Brent Budowsky) First, the breaking news: a Facebook-driven grassroots movement of Bernie Sanders supporters is seeking 100,000 or more RSVP’s from other Sanders supporters to attend a mass rally at the Washington Mall on or around October 17, with the theme “enough is enough”, in support of the Sanders candidacy.

As of Monday morning this Facebook RSVP movement has garnered over 87,000 signatures and is preparing to formally present the idea of a Sanders movement march on Washington later this week…

If a mega-rally for Sanders at the Mall in Washington does take place the lead-in to the rally would serve as a powerful organizing vehicle for the Sanders campaign, the rally itself would dramatize the sense of community surrounding the Sanders movement, the aftermath of the rally would lead more local organizers to return to their communities in support of his campaign with a particularly powerful impact in caucus states including Iowa, and the enterprise from beginning to end would create yet another dramatic surge of small donor contributions to the Sanders campaign…

The widespread public disapproval of American politics and insider politics, and the gravitational pull of consumers away from old media whose ratings and stocks are under pressure, and towards social media, whose “audiences” are growing exponentially, results from the insider and top down-driven nature of political and media establishments, which are largely one and the same.

Biden? Really?

Why Biden shouldn’t run, and won’t

(Brent Budowsky) There may be a very long-shot pathway to the presidency for Vice President Biden in 2016, but running as a vulture candidate — whose candidacy would be premised on the bet that the partisan vendetta of personal destruction being waged against Hillary Clinton by Republicans succeeds — is not that pathway…

Whatever he may say, announcing his candidacy now would be a virtual declaration of war against Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and millions of ardent women who believe the Democratic front-runner is under a vicious and slanderous partisan attack aimed to destroy the prospects for the first woman president, who is also the most qualified candidate in the field today. Many Clinton supporters would consider Biden a vulture candidate trying to ride the horse of right-wing attacks to power.

Why Biden Running Could Actually Help Clinton

(Political Wire) First Read: “Yet despite how a Biden bid could initially hurt Hillary Clinton (make no mistake, it would be a clear rebuke to her), there are two reasons why Biden running could actually help her. First, it would force Clinton and her campaign to step up their game… In other words, give her a real Democratic race — a la what she experienced in the spring of 2008 when Clinton trailed Barack Obama — and it’ll force her to be a stronger candidate. Two, Biden jumping in would swap the scandal-focused coverage of Clinton and replace it with horserace-focused coverage. It has become increasingly apparent that Hillary Clinton might not be able to beat a unified political press corps on constant scandal patrol. But she could beat Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.”

Clown Car Politics, Cont’d

Occupy Democrats:

Embarrassing Dumb Arrogant President

‘Fascist’ Trump Isn’t First Demagogue Laughed Off As A Buffoon

(Joe Conason) [W]hether Trump may be accurately defined as a “fascist” or not, his political ascent increasingly resembles a Saturday Night Live version of the rise of Hitler or Mussolini. Both dictators were mocked as buffoons in their day, but when they suddenly came to power the joke was no longer quite so funny…

He promises to deport all of the estimated 11-12 million immigrants who crossed the southern border without papers, a plan that would be ruinously expensive, impossible to complete, and grossly inhumane in its attempted execution. The only analogous projects on that scale were atrocities carried out by the Turks against the Armenians and, later, by the Nazis and their fascist allies against the European Jews.

Imagine a country that seeks to round up millions of brown-skinned people by force, transforming itself into a police state, while mobs of vigilantes in militias scourge the frightened families out of hiding. It is not hard to predict scenes of bloodshed and horror.

Popular Neo-Nazi White Supremacy Group Endorses Trump for President

(Occupy Democrats) To no one’s surprise, America’s most popular neo-Nazi website, the Daily Stormer, has officially announced its support for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Predictably, the endorsement praised the numerous racist statements in Trump’s announcement video, especially his “willingness to call [Mexicans] out as criminal rapists, murderers, and drug dealers.”

David Duke On Trump: He’s “Certainly The Best Of The Lot” Running For President

(BuzzFeed News) David Duke, a former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and self-described “racial realist,” says Donald Trump is the best Republican candidate for president because he “understands the real sentiment of America.”

Duke, who unsuccessfully ran for president as a Democrat in 1988 and later served in the Louisiana House of Representatives, noted Trump’s experience as a salesman and his “great sense” of what people want to buy.

Trump-ward, Christian Soldiers?

(Frank Bruni) Let me get this straight. If I want the admiration and blessings of the most flamboyant, judgmental Christians in America, I should marry three times, do a queasy-making amount of sexual boasting, verbally degrade women, talk trash about pretty much everyone else while I’m at it, encourage gamblers to hemorrhage their savings in casinos bearing my name and crow incessantly about how much money I’ve amassed?

Seems to work for Donald Trump…

The holy rollers are smiling upon the high roller. And they’re proving, yet again, how selective and incoherent the religiosity of many in the party’s God squad is.

Republicans Still Pandering To Voters’ Worst Instincts

(The National Memo) Not so long ago, leaders of a chastened Republican Party issued a report urging a new way forward for a GOP spurned by voters of color — but let’s just say the report’s recommendations haven’t been widely embraced.

Trump Has Now Shut Down Two Well-Respected Hispanic Journalists

(Media Matters) Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has dismissed two of the most well-respected Hispanic journalists in the United States at two separate press conferences. He most recently kicked out Jorge Ramos from an Iowa press conference, an event the Univision anchor was later allowed to reenter.

Republican hypocrisy, cont’d

Occupy Democrats:

Bobby Jindal Anchor Baby

How Many Candidates Have ‘Taken Advantage’ Of Birthright Citizenship, But Oppose It?

(ThinkProgress) Donald Trump is calling to “end birthright citizenship,” a demand that would mean the people born to foreign parents in America are no longer automatically U.S. citizens. And though many presidential candidates are now lining up to support Trump — some suggesting that immigrants are “taking advantage” of this part of the Constitution — this policy change could hit close to home for them.


Big Government Fights Fires

I heard one of the homeowners on CNN say the government should have done something to prevent the fires. I guess he thought the government could make it rain, if only its employees weren’t so incompetent. – Caro

Darryl Cagle:

Blue States Support Red States

The red states tend to be net takers from the federal trough. We blue states support them, and they have nothing but nasty things to say about us. – Caro

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